(Re)discover Sofia under the snow in 40 pictures

We are not yet December 21 the first official day of winter, but the temperature has definitely dropped in Sofia and we had to say farewell for some time to our casual autumn outfits but especially the snow “pointed the tip of his nose”, French expression to say it appeared. Sofia dressed in white and it’s just beautiful. 

Yesterday, when I left from my Bulgarian course at 10:00pm, I had the pleasure to discover that the first snowflakes sprinkled the ground and the roofs of cars. Sofia was dressing up her winter dress. At this occasion, when I got up this morning and I saw that the snow was still falling and I decide not to go to the sport as usual early in the morning and to go to explore Sofia under the snow with my camera. While my husband turned in underwear in the apartment wondering how he would dress for the day (do not stay blocked on this info .. this is not the subject of my article), I wrote these first lines announcing my white expedition. Because, Yes, all is possible in Sofia under the snow, discover beautiful winter landscapes like gliding on ice and not even knowing how to get up.. This morning, Louis, a friend of mine (“Louis”, but it’s French ?”), a french medical student guy in Sofia (who speaks also Bulgarian) proposed me to join him in a cafe-library with free wifi and places to work, called Orange Center. Do you maybe know it ? it’s a library with a 4th floor dedicated to a place to work, located on the center, in the Graf Ignatiev Street, close to Vitosha Boulevard. There is an elevator to get it, some drinks for sale (tea, coffee, juices, etc.), snacks, free wifi and for the smokers a balcony to smoke. Very nice place to work in a quiet atmosphere. The following happens in pictures (to which I add also some photos taken in January 2016 under the snow). Enjoy your snow. 

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Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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