I’m a 33-years old French woman and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria, since July 2014. I decided to live here because after several trips to Bulgaria since the year 2012, and after few months in USA (between NYC and San Francisco), I have fallen in love with this little but wonderful and fascinating country of the Balkans.

I always have been interested in travellling and I’m planning trips abroad since I’m 10 years old ! Yes, you read it right, I’m planning trips for the last 23 years ;-). It’s was my main activity during my summer vacations at this age ! Ok, I’m little bite strange 😉 I remember it very well. When I was going to spend the summer holidays at my grand parent’s, in a little village near Gerardmer, beautiful area in eastern France, not far from Strasbourg, I was going into the the travel agencies with my grand mother to collect the travel catalog.

I was then spending hours to prepare and budget my dream trips to New York and California (my favorite places). Since, I’ve been planning many « real » trips for myself, friends and family in about 12 countries and I’m very proud of it. I even organized my wedding in Bulgaria in 2013, on September, while still living in France at that time and it was a very crazy and unforgettable experience in Bulgaria.

So, as you can see, travelling is my passion and my aim is currently to help you discover and plan your vacations in this wonderful country that Bulgaria is :-).

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I created this blog because I use to move a lot within Bulgaria to discover it and to find the best plan for my friends, family and people around me. With this blog, I want to share ALSO WITH YOU all my best places tested/stayed/visited in Bulgaria because this little country of the Balkans has a lot to offer to locals and visitors.

Then, all the pictures published on the blog are photos I took with my camera during visits and trips in Bulgaria.

Do you want to have some informations about a place in Bulgaria ? I’m available to answer all your all questions and to advice you about your next crazy and amazing journey in Bulgaria !

So, don’t hesite to Contact me. 

Enjoy !