5 Top coworking spaces in Sofia

Coworking spaces Sofia

You just landed in Sofia to start an entrepreneur life and you have no idea where to find a place to work ? Building a company or working on a project is challenging. Stay connected by finding a nice place to work and meet talented people is a plus. Here are the 5 top coworking spaces I visited, lucky you ! 

The entrepreneurs know it, to launch a new business, the idea is important, the team also, but have their fixed (or flex !) desk in a coworking space has become almost as essential as the 2 first conditions. Since their creations, these places have become more than simple “coworking” spaces. People visit them not only to work on their new business idea, but to socialize with like-minded folks, attend various events, learn, grow and create up to pitch their project. Well furnished and localized, highly design and comfortable, full of talents, entrepreneurial events and support, accessible and very friendly, the coworking spaces in Sofia have absolutely nothing to envy to others places in the World. And we know what we are talking about. Of course, English is spoken there. 


Puzl CowOrKing Space : « The IT place to be » 

Coworking spaces Sofia

Cofounded by a French guy, Thibaut, in October 2015, Puzl CowOrKing set in a contemporary industrial design and well-thought coworking space, part of Puzl’s online/offline coworking platform. It built around personal and professional growth and created to help IT companies and professionals make better products by working from a gorgeous place where they have everything they need and are part of a community of like-minded people in an atmosphere as friendly as professional. On 2 floors (and very soon more), 14 offices and hundreds of awesome people, Puzl is definitely the place to be if you want to be connected to the IT and new technologies. Highly dynamic, lot of events are organized every weeks around entrepreneurship, projects, pitch sessions, conferences, table tennis matches, etc. The Musts : the southern exposure allowing a permanent sunshine of the space with large windows, an extraordinary luminosity + an amazing view on mountains to take your breath away. Their story is just beginning and it already sells the Bulgarian « Silicon Valley ». Definitely a place we recommend you. 

More : IT & IT Supports / Bul. Cherni Vrah 47A, fl. 4 + 5, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria / www.coworking.puzl.com / +359 (0)89 969 6270 / Facebook / Prices / Working hours : 24/7 access.


Betahaus | Sofia : « The first collaborative workplace in Bulgaria »

Coworking Spaces Sofia

Betahaus | Sofia is the first coworking space in Bulgaria, one of the largest in the region with the possibility to work 5 days each month for FREE in their other betahaus locations in Berlin, Barcelona and Hamburg, and in their partnering spaces in others cities (New York, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Vienna, Nairobi, Milano, Sao Paulo and Bogota). Taking place in an old architectural house of sofia, in the heart of Sofia, Betahaus is an ecosystem fostering creativity and exchanging among its inhabitants in order to catalyze the formation of entrepreneurial initiatives. The place welcome entrepreneurs from every sector. Then, Betahaus offers a huge variety of events to meet the needs of the diversified crowd, such as : Betapitch (startup events), community events, workshops, skillsharings, and more. 

More : Krum Popov 56-58 str., Sofia 1421, Bulgaria / www.betahaus.bg /Schedule a tour/ +359 888 204 995 / Facebook / Prices / Working hours : Mon-Fri : 8:30am-8:00pm (close Sun-Sat). 


SOHO : « The art coworking space »

coworking space Sofia

SOHO is a coworking space centered around creatives. The space provides an easy and flexible access to fully equipped workplace for people working as freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals from the creative sector, and offers a cosy and inspiring atmosphere where guests could also relax. Art is here at home, under the friendly and dynamism of Luba, its Founder who describes her place as “a meeting point for culture and modern urban colouring.” And it’s right. When we wanted to organize the Exhibition of Maxime, a french illustrator traveling in Bulgaria, SOHO welcomed us immediately. Very dynamic, the space offers also a programme of cultural and social events from professional talks, through workshops, ballet classes, to art exhibitions, SoBAZAAR editions as SoBAZAAR Green edition and SoBAZAAR : Christmas edition, and charitable initiatives. A real cocoon of sweetness and creativity in the heart of Sofia. 

More : Creative / 4 Iskar Street, Sofia, Bulgaria (near Serdika metro station) / www.soho.bg / Schedule a tour/ +359 877 188 688 / Facebook / Prices / Working hours : Mon-Fri : 9:00am-7:00pm (close Sun-Sat). 


COSMOS Coworking Camp : « Your workspace in a cultural monument »

Coworking Space SofiaCredit : www.onthegrid.city

COSMOS is a co-working based in the centre of Sofia. The space is situated in a house that is a cultural monument used to hold the Writer’s Union, and situated on a popular street in the heart of the city, Angel Kanchev street, at only one street to Vitosha Boulevard. Here you’ll find a desk and everything else you need in an office, as well as a coffice bar. The space is open for freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs from every areas. This 4 floors’s house will be pleased to host you as a coworker, event organizer or just a visitor at the bar. The atmosphere is of course very friendly. There’s usually some interesting activity, be it a design bazaar or an exhibition. Their prices pack give the opportunity to use the prepaid hours whenever you like. 

More : Cultural / ul. « Angel Kanchev » 3, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria / cosmos.camp /Schedule a tour/ +359 899 820 102/ Facebook / Prices / Working hours : Open 24/7 for members – Coffice Bar 9:00am – 6:00pm. 


Coshare HIVE : « The latest arrival »

Coworking Spaces Sofia

Coshare HIVE is a coworking space « with a vision ». Its aim is « to create not only a community, but a functioning ecosystem of interconnected elements ». The space has his own the social heart, the LITTLE HABANA. A watering hole by day, where the members of the space can grab a cup of coffee or get lunch from our three menus : for carnivores, vegans and the health-conscious. After hours, the cozy loft transforms into a lively networking hotspot where hornets and worker bees meet the drones. A fusion between advice givers and seekers, the eager and the wise, ideas and finance. They provide the guest list, live music and bottomless drinks, and the members make the contacts. Also, a VIRTUAL OFFICE offers for foreign companies wanting to register their business in Bulgaria to have a multilingual live secretary and concierge services. Then, with the ART COSHARE, and to do their part in supporting the arts, the space are offering all artists free expression – no commission, no rent, pure and simple exhibition space.

More :  104 Simeonovsko shose, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria / www.cosharehive.comSchedule a tour / +359 888 00 11 44 / Facebook / Prices / Working hours : 9:00am – 6:30pm (close Sun-Sat).


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