In Bulgaria, you can find different kind of accommodation during your trip, like everywhere. From 5 stars luxury hotels to cosy Bed & Breakfast in the mountains, there really is something for everyone, needs and trips in Bulgaria.



Bulgaria offers a wide range of places to stay for all budgets. You have the choice between 5 stars international hotels (Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, etc.) with high international standard and local owned hotels which offer rooms between 40 and 300€ (wifi & breakfast included).

Some luxury Bulgarian hotels were built during the communist era and offer a kind of a return to the past (design, rooms). However, they tend to be renovated and most of them do not look like in the past. But, there are still a few and they can be very interesting if you are an history buff :-).

Generally, small family establishments offer a very attractive quality / price ratio. Their prices are usually between 40 euros for a room and 80 euros for a suite (breakfast included). For a total immersion in the Bulgarian culture, we recommend booking a typical hotel. One of our articles about it. 

To book a place at the best price, we recommend you to have a look at I always find a place to stay when I visit Bulgaria without paying too much. Sometimes, I can pay only 28 euros for a double room at a very nice place with Spa in Borovets in April/May for example. It can be very interesting.



This type of accommodation is getting more popular in Bulgaria with new addresses appearing on a regular basis. Sofia has more hostels than other cities, but there are also hostels in Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas. The majority of them are modern, clean, welcoming and central. The staff are very helpful. 

The average prices are very attractive: 5-20€ per night for a dormitory (wifi included).

You can find all Bulgarian Hostels on or



As everywhere in the world, this kind of accommodation is becoming very popular in Bulgaria, mainly in large cities as Sofia and resorts on the Black Sea. modern flats, Bulgarian typical houses, villas by the sea, and more.

It’s possible to find a room, a house or a flat to rent easily on or Since 2014, this renting platform has been getting more and more popular and you can find lot of beautiful places to rent in Bulgaria. The price is very attractive. Indeed, it is possible to find a flat in Sofia city center for 30€ per day on airbnb website. Some places are all furnished and wifi included. 

The renters are punctual and reply quickly (within 24 hours). They speak a perfect English, sometimes even French). In town, make sure to look at the location of the place because it might happen that some of them are located far from the center even if they are advertised as being downtown.



You can find some places in Bulgaria to stay (breakfast included) for 20€/night. 

Bulgaria has a very general version of the Bed&Breakfast concept. More often, it takes place in hostels, or more generally in different kind of place as hotel, hostel, flat, club village. 

The platform Bedicasa, focused on room rentals home stays since 2007, offers lot of nice Bed&Breakfast in Bulgaria.



There are lot of clubs and holiday villages in Bulgaria, especially on the Black sea coast.

For years, lots of tour operators or travel agencies have been offering their customers many different ways to stay on the Bulgarian Black sea at very attractive prices with very beautiful pictures. However, when getting there, you might be disappointed. 

So, there are great resorts in Bulgaria but do not be tempted by low prices. It’s not the best way to book the best place. 



Bulgaria is THE country of Monasteries. This kind of accommodations is very famous here. You can visit 160 very beautiful monasteries in Bulgaria and some of them offer accommodation to all sort of travelers (tourists & pilgrims) at very affordable prices.

Those in search of remote and peaceful places will be delighted by the charm of Bulgarian monasteries. The comfort will be very basic but it’s more than enough for a good night of sleep and to share a moment of peace and tranquility with the monks.

The Rila Monastery is maybe the most famous of them, very popular in Bulgaria and  it’s possible to rent a room.

You will find it difficult to get monasteries contact information. It is better to go directly there and take your chance. You will find more information about the Monasteries on



It is possible to camp in Bulgaria. Most campings are only open from May/June to September/October. Prices are very attractive. For one of them, in Veliko Tarnovo, click here



There are 50 shelters (hijas) in Bulgaria, especially in the mountains of Rila, Pirin, in the Rhodopes and the Balkans, with shared bathroom but they are clean and comfortable (Prices : 5-20€).

Rila Lakes Hut, maybe the most famous shelter, is located in Northwestern Rila Mountains above the town of Sapareva Banya. The hut is built at 2135 m above the sea level at the bottom of the Seven Rila Lakes Circus. It is probably the biggest building of this sort in the mountains of Bulgaria. There are dormitories, double and triple rooms available, with or without a private shower. A restaurant offers a wide variety of food. Some others : Lovna Hut, Pionerska Hut, Seven Lakes Hut, Skakavitsa Hut, Vada Hut, Malyovitsa Hut.

Most of them are only opened from May to October. Those installed near the main ski slopes remain opened in winter. To have all the information you need to organize your trip, the Hiking guide Bulgaria is very well done.


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