Wurrly, the Californian app’ which reminded us of suggestopedia

Wurrly is a free mobile app created in 2015 that transforms your smartphone into an on-the-go music studio with a fully customizable recording artist experience. We met its founder Nadine Levitt from California at the Webit 2017. We tell you more about this amazing karaoke app’ Wurrly. 

Remember our « adventure » with Go Beyond Center in Sofia, last November, when we took an intensive class of Bulgarian of 100 hours in 6 weeks with Violeta ? If you don’t remember, do not hesitate to have a look at our articles about it. The reason why we are reminding you about this adventure is because at Webit, in Sofia, two weeks ago, we had the chance to listen to a presentation of a woman entrepreneur from California, Nadine Levitt, founder of the karaoke app’ Wurrly. 


You might wonder what is the connection between a Bulgarian class at Go Beyond center in Sofia and a karaoke app’ launched in Los Angeles ?!  

Well, the common point between these two is : MUSIC. 


Just a quick reminder on what suggestopedia is about and a bit of history about it. Suggestopedia is a method developed in the 1960’s in Bulgaria by Pr. Lozanov, one of the greatest scientist of that time. He discovered that it was possible to speed up the learning process of languages by following a specific methodology (that is called « suggestopedia ») including the use of classical music. The music helps the brain associate learning with emotions as he came to the conclusion that emotions are playing a huge role in the learning process. 

For the little story, Violeta’s father was a surgeon in the 1960’s and he is the only doctor who has been able to operate a surgery on a man with that man not being under anesthesia. The patient was just talking during the all surgery with Pr. Lozanov. This operation was supposed to show the power of the brain on the body and how possible it is to “manipulate” it to send specific information to the rest of the body. 

Professor Lozanov theorized and developed his method in the early 1960’s using music as a focal point of the learning method and it is now used at Go Beyond Center in Sofia to teach Bulgarian to foreigners but also French, German, and English. 

Decades later, at Webit, in Sofia, Nadine, an entrepreneur from California presented her app Wurrly that helps people learn by generating emotions thanks to the music. Nadine perfectly understood the link between emotions and the learning experience and like Pr Lozanov in his time, she understood that music can play a fundamental role in it. Is that not amazing ? 


On another note, we talked over the phone with Nadine a few days after she went back to California and asked her about her impression about Sofia. It was actually the first time she came to our city and according to her words, she loved it.

I believe that there is a lot of potential in Bulgaria and I was stunned by Webit event. 

Nadine, we’re glad that you loved our city and we’re glad that somewhere in California, in the 21st century, someone came to the same conclusions as this great Bulgarian scientist that Pr. Lozanov was. We believe that Suggestopedia can be applied to many topics of study other than languages and that the power of the human brain is amazing ! 

Once again, this is one of the numerous example showing that often, Bulgarians are ahead of their time and that many great things can come out of Bulgaria in the next decades.

More about : www.wurrly.com /Facebook / Twitter 

Download the app Wurrly :  Android / iPhone 

Alexandre Kolow

Entrepreneurship & Economics Editor

Alexander felt in love with Bulgaria when he came for the first time in 2003 to work for a French company. He believes that Bulgaria is like a rough diamond which has still not been cut.

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