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Varna, also known as the sea capital of Bulgaria, is a place that every tourist who comes to this beautiful country should visit. Even in Winter, there are some things to see and to do there. We share our 13 favorite places in winter.

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant advantages of Varna is its beaches famous for their clear water and golden sands. But they are by far not the only reason to come to the sea capital of Bulgaria as this is a town worth going to even in the winter. Here are some places in Varna that are absolutely great and you could visit them during the winter as well.

The Sea Garden

First of all, even in winter, the Sea Garden is a beautiful place to explore, situated just next to the seafront. The garden is the “largest” landscaped park of Balkans. The area fascinates its visitors with many promenades, flowerbeds, and exotic trees. Although most of them are blooming in the summer a walk in the sea garden is the winter is also an amazing experience because of the unique calmness of the atmosphere of this place. And that’s not all. There is an Alley called the Alley of the Cosmonauts, where you can find the statue of Yuri Gagarin. You can not imagine visit Varna without spend at least 1 hour to stroll in the sea garden.

Ethnographic Museum 

The museum is located in an impressive revival house built in the 19th century. The ethnographic museum in Varna is a place in which you can see a great deal of objects that date back to the 19th and the beginning of the 20th. It presents the daily lifestyle of the people in Varna region during that the period. Address.

Archaeological Museum Varna

The Archaeological Museum of Varna is a historic architectural monument in the heart of the city, full of treasures. Located in the old building of the School of Young Girls, you immediately feel the impressive history this place contains. Built in 1892 – 1898, 21 large rooms welcome visitors. Did you know that here is the oldest gold treasure in the world ? we, neither. Its age goes back to 4000 BC. The treasure was discovered by chance during works near Varna, in 1972. It was made up of about 2000 almost pure gold objects of 23.5 carats. It contained jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and gold vessels. An amazing place to visit absolutely during your holidays in Varna. Address.

Archaeological Museum Varna - Bulgaria - Madame Bulgaria
@madamebulgaria – Archaeological Museum Varna, Bulgaria

The Varna Cathedral

Officially opened on August 30, 1886, the cathedral is the largest church in Varna and the third cathedral in Bulgaria. It was built shortly after Bulgaria stopped being a part of the Ottoman empire in the late-19th century. Its architecture was inspired by the temple at Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg. The cathedral has both historical and spiritual importance for Varna and is a must-see if you ever come here. Address.

Varna Bulgaria
@madamebulgaria – Cathedral of Varna, Bulgaria

Saint Athanasius Church

This cathedral built in 1838 usually holds exhibitions of different lithographies, engravings, and books from the Renaissance period in Bulgaria. Apart from that the church is well-known for its finely-crafted frescos and icons. Address.


At first, the building served as a monastery but was later transformed into a palace by Prince Ferdinand, who hired French architects to make its architecture look French-style. Today the palace is used as a summer residence for the president, but it is also open for tourists who can take a look at the gardens and visit most of the palaces in it. Address.

@visitvarna – Euxinograd Varna, Bulgaria

Aladzha Monastery 

Located at only 15km to Varna center, in Golden Sands Natural Park, Aladzha Monastery is a treasure in the heart of the rocks. This national monument historic is the most famous medieval cave monastery on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It was inhabited by hermit monks during the XIII- XIV centuries. This ancient monastery, surrounded by a forest of rare tree species, will show you what life in medieval times was like. The place is a two-level cave that was once the home of hermits who lived there. There are also towers high situated on a 40-m high limestone rock. Address.

Aladzha Monastery Varna Bulgaria
@madamebulgaria – Aladzha Monastery Varna, Bulgaria

The port in Varna

Varna’s port is a place you should visit at all price if you happen to come to this town. Not only can you go for a relaxing walk along the sea (even in the winter) but you also can have dinner or lunch in some of the restaurants in the area around. Apart from that you could visit the nearby lighthouse and enjoy the fantastic view that can be seen from there.

The Retro Museum

Can you imagine a place where the whole life of Socialism period would be exhibited ? The Retro Museum takes place in the Grand Mall of Varna since its inauguration in May 2015. Dedicated to the Socialism Period from 1945 to 1989, the Retro Museum is an incredible place to visit. It makes people familiar with the way of Bulgaria in the years of communism. You can see all sorts of things from everyday objects to ideological political slogans. Address.

Retro Museum Varna Bulgaria
@madamebulgaria – Retro Museum Varna, Bulgaria

The singing fountains

The Singing Fountains are one of the fantastic attractions in Varna. Here you can listen to a favorite song while watching a variety of colorful lights in the water at night. You can find the fountains close to the Theater and the Opera House.

Aquahouse Thermal Complex

Located 8 km from Varna, St. Constantine and Elena is very popular for its unique combination of the sea, sandy beaches, mineral springs, mountain crystal clear air. The resort offers numerous mineral springs and balneology complexes, with hot mineral water famous for its healing quality, close to Varna. The last one, the Aquahouse Thermal and Beach Complex is definitely a place to stay and enjoy. Design and hyper modern, the complex offers all you need to spend a nice and relaxing moment : indoor and outdoor pools with various sizes and water temperatures (32°C-36°C), a 25 m long swimming pool, a warm mineral water pool, an outdoor Finish sauna, a jacuzzi, and relaxation area. The large bay window of one of the saunas offers breathtaking views of the bay, making the place unique, a bubble of cocooning. Then you can also book for a facial or body treatment, a therapeutic treatment or a relaxing massage. Address.

Aquahouse Varna
@madamebulgaria – Aquahouse Thermal Complex Varna, Bulgaria

Palace of Culture and Sports

This place is open for visitors throughout the whole year and offers to Varna citizens and its guests different sports and cultural events, as well as exhibitions. But there’s even more. The complex is equipped with two  modern gyms plus sports and recreation center where you can undergo  physiotherapeutic procedures.

Central Beach Alley (Seaside Alley)

Then, another great place to visit is the seaside alley of Varna, which goes as far as the 4th breakwater. It contains a pedestrian area that is a few km long. Furthermore, it offers both local people and the guests of the town the opportunity to go for a relaxing walk at any time of the day even in the winter. 

Varna Bulgaria in winter
@Kracimirbojinov Photographer – Varna beach in winter, Bulgaria

We are sure that now when you know more about this fantastic town, you just can’t wait to go there, even in winter. So, we wish all travelers to Varna a great trip full of positive emotions and experiences.

Cover picture : Kracimir Bojinov

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  1. This will be my first trip to Bulgaria and i intend to visit Varna… this will be a wonderful experience for me as i am looking forward to it.

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