Nosiya, shirts that convey message from the past


That traditional look will majorly influence your wardrobe tomorrow. Nosiya – Now see Ya ! We met the creators of this very nice Bulgarian brand for you.

Christmas 2016 – It was that festive time of the year that turned out to be the most memorable for the team of Nosiya. An unexpected Christmas gift – traditional Bulgarian costume evoked a massive activity in the social media.

How it all started…

That was the turning point for three young and bold people with entrepreneurial spirit. As part of Uspelite.Bg – a very active and positive online media in Bulgaria, they embraced enthusiastically the idea to start designing and selling shirts with traditional Bulgarian elements as a way to express and maintain actual social positions. Thus, they continue doing good deeds and making a positive impact on the society. Nosiya is a project with great significance for cultural heritage preservation.


Timeless Value

Being inspired of the eternal beauty and diversity of the traditional Bulgarian folklore costumes as well as the rich history, the mission of Nosiya’s team is to send a message to the future generations saying :

« Hey, be proud of who you are! Know your heritage and where you come from ! »


“Folklore is part of me and this a way to express how I feel about it. Dwelling on the past, wearing Nosiya helps me differentiate from everybody else – it’s my signature”, says Kaloyan Gadzhev.

“For me personally, Nosiya is not just a shirt, but a shirt that conveys power” shares Alexander Hinkov. “It revives the folklore as its place is right here, right now. You can see traces of it in our products made with the greatest care and truly commitment”.

In addition to this, Irina Hristova highlights that “Nosiya presents a unique and unrepeatable combination between rich history and aspects of modern life, which proudly claims that cultural heritage is nowadays widely employed”.


Take it today, wear it tomorrow and make a difference in your everyday life.

Bring it back and make it relevant again.

Bulgarian traditional shirt is not outdated. On the contrary, it’s getting even more interesting as it communicates meaningful values. The team is amazed that people embrace this fashion trend so warmly. The number of orders has been increasing as well as the positive client feedback. “This is an evidence that people seek sustainability, new ways to express their social positions and revive cultural heritage” says Irina. When it comes to buying Nosiya, this is an act displaying people’s attitude to what they wear and how they treat the world.


A look into the Future

The team dreams of expanding and enriching the range of the offered products matching fashionable patterns with traditional elements and symbols. “We love to grow”, Alexander says.

“Think textile bags, T-shirts, dresses, spring/summer 2017 collection, autumn/winter 2017 collection….the choice will be endless. “says Kaloyan.

Other intention of the team is to reach out to a large group of consumers worldwide. For that reason, Nosiya can be now delivered outside Bulgaria.

In general,

The concept is to create clothes that go beyond fashion and style and maintain value in time; clothes that contribute to enhancing the spiritual values of the society.


Dress Nosiya because now it is your time to shine : 

More : Address : Sofia Center : ул. Сердика, No 20, 1233 Sofia, Bulgaria Online Shop : For woman – For man / Facebook / Instagram+359 893 744 514 / / The website is in Bulgarian but the team speak of course very well english (for people who follow us from abroad and would get more information about the brand or contact the team).

Pictures by Jenny Ivanova 

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