« Nazdrave » Club, grab your first free drink everyday in Sofia


Who never dreamed of an application that offers you drinks everyday in bars ? Nazdrave did it and will probably become the App’ of this Summer. Become a member of Nazdrave and grab your first free drink today. And any other day ! 

A few weeks ago was the launch of the application « Nazdrave » Club at the Culuture Beat Bar in downtown Sofia, on the occasion of an event co-organized by the very active association Foreigners in Sofia and Friends. We were be there, also the first time we discovered the concept. Steve Loncke, creator of the Nazdrave Club, welcomed and explained us how Nazdrave works. 

NazdraveSource : Nazdrave Launch Party, Facebook 

In fact, as a member of Nazdrave (just by downloading the app for free), you can order free drink every day in all participating club venues * choose from the finest bars and clubs in Sofia and soon in the country and Europe. At this moment, we are tempted to say to ourselves : where is the trap ? Well, there is no, just one condition : members have to order at least one additional drink of the same price range. Basically, if you order a beer, you will not be offered a glass of vintage champagne in return. 


So, when you are on your favorite bar or another one of the list, you go to the bar (you can also take your time…), you prepare your Nazdrave app’ with the page of the bar where you are. On this page, you can see the list of drinks that it is possible to order (large choice). Make your choice and order the drink from the nearest waiter. After your drink arrives hit the button Nazdrave and you get that drink completely free, as a member of the club. We tried, and sure, it is very easy and fun. 


Steve Loncke, the founder and his team, hand-select venues, and describes the concept as a guide (shortlist) of good venues. The idea came from his own experience : when Steve travelled a lot, find good venues was always a struggle… And concerning the city where launch the idea, Sofia was definitely the best place to start « because of the Bulgarian capital is developing well, good bar scene and smart and hard working people. We will also scale to other european countries soon ». 

So, we will follow you, sure. Nazdrave guys ! Good luck.

To Download the App (free) : iOS / Android
More : Facebook page / Keep in touch : nazdraveapp@gmail.com / * Participating club venues : Culture Beat, Smuggler’s Diner, FlipFlop, Rum Bar Escobar, Dada Cultural Bar, Happy Pig, French 75, com.bar, KANAAL, Art Club (very soon more). 
Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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