Birlibam, forget your outdated business cards


Our new business cards are awesome, and yours ? ! More than a fish in your pocket, Birlibam provokes Bum and Bam in the digital communication technology offering to everyone an easy and innovative way to create and share your contact information with others through a digital card. We met one of its creator, Vladislav Mihaylov.

A magical name from fairy tales and an attractive and smiling fish which provokes you to raise the question – what is Birlibam ? 

Behind this stands innovative mobile application for exchange of contact information developed by two Bulgarian Vladislav Mihaylov and Plamen Sakaliyski. With their idea, they evoked boom in Lisbon during the world technology conference Web Summit in 2016. Actually, Birlibam sprang for life in 2014 from the desire of the CEO Vladislav to find easy, fast, comfortable and ecological solution to the problem of exchanging and organizing the paper business cards. 

« The product doesn’t have an analogy; The apps or hardware solutions presented today on the market they all fail to maintain at least one two benefits of the old Scholl business cards, the sense of touch and the fast exchange. Birlibam have not only managed to maintain them, but we have improved them as well.”, says Vladislav.


Birlibam was launched on the market in September 2016. It gives the user the ability to create three types of business cards – personal, freelance and a company once. This is a fresh and unique way to present yourself as this can be shared even offline.


The mobile application is free to be downloaded from the iTunes magazine, Google play and the online platform

Bulgaria is on the 3rd place for downloading the mobile application.

« To swim in the deep waters of virtual business cards is a challenge », says Vladislav. It is a smooth and tough transition in terms of users’ understanding and culture of exchanging. “The thinking process is still that way – you set up a company and on first next day you go and print business cards”, explains Vladislav. In the meantime, it is a very encouraging statistic that Bulgaria is on the 3rd place for downloading the mobile application. First place takes USA, followed by Portugal. This is not unusual considering the public excitement and interest the product caused on the Lisbon scene during Web Summit just a couple of weeks after it had been launched.


15 million business cards to be exchanged during a 3-day technology conference

These numbers strike the Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer. “Those are impressive statistics, Vladislav. We at Facebook aim hard to reduce the usage of paper business cards. » The CTO sends Vladislav and his team to the guys from Messenger to discuss if they can implement Birlibam in some of their technical solutions.


According Vladislav, during the conference in Lisbon, a professor at Stanford, mentor of Linkedin creators, was fascinated by the smiling young Bulgarian wearing an original accessory – wooden branded bow ties. Having been informed that they have a QR code leading to the mobile application Birlibam, the professor downloaded and shared his faith in the advantage of the product and the talented Bulgarians are moving in the right direction. Apart from the positive feedback, Mihaylov’s team receives an angel investment of 10 000 USD from Mr. Gulta from India.

A unique advertising message for the Bulgarian team during the event Startup Turkey


The living business card was as well warmly welcomed at Startup Turkey held in Antalya, 23-25 February 2017. Her advantage was highlighted by one of the the co-founder of the very well known by gamers all around the world company EA – Electronic Arts – Jeff Burton. In his statement, he thanked to Birlibam team: « I have run out of business card, so I downloaded Birlibam, and now all of you can find my contact information in that App by the guys from Bulgaria !”

What a bigger gesture of appreciation of the potential of the digital product of these young talented Bulgarian !  

Their efforts are now focused on changing its design and implementing new features without any analogy in the world to provide an easy-to-use experience of their users.

Milena Ivanova

Entrepreneurship Editor

Milena is highly interested by entrepreneurship because she is very in touch with the new technologies and she is eager to push further her own limits.


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