Liberation Day Of Bulgaria, 3rd Of March

Liberation Day Of Bulgaria

The 3th of March is a very important date for Bulgaria. It is the day of Bulgaria’s liberation from Turkish slavery. Here’s what you need to know on this important day for Bulgarians.

As foreigners visiting Bulgaria, or living in the country, it’s not always easy to understand the meaning of the Bulgarian national holidays. At the begining, even for us, that was not evident. For this reason, we’ll give you a small debrief on March 3, the Liberation Day of Bulgaria

The liberation from Turkish slavery

Celebrated on March 3, the Liberation Day is also officially known as the Day of Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Dominion. This important day for all Bulgarians is national holiday in Bulgaria. Bulgarians come together to honour the Bulgarian volunteers. Those who, during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, liberated Bulgaria from almost 500 years of Ottoman rule. Liberation is due thanks to the help of the Russian and Romanian forces. Bulgaria regained sovereignty this day.

Because from 1396 to 1878 Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire. This day of 1878 celebrates the day when Bulgaria gained independence. And this independence is manifested by signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty in 1878. On the Russian side, the contract was signed by Count Nikolai Pavlovich Ignatiev.

This treaty effectively obliged the Ottoman Empire to return Bulgarian lands of the Second Bulgarian Empire. These lands had been conquered in 14th century during the Bulgarian–Ottoman wars.

A National Bulgarian Holiday

The Liberation Day was celebrated for the first time on 19 February 1880 . And it was officially designated as Liberation Day on its 10th anniversary in 1888 by the Principality of Bulgaria. It was only in 1978 when it started to be celebrated by the whole Bulgarian country. It became an official holiday in 1990.

Every year on 3rst March, wreaths are laid at the Shipka Monument in the Balkan Mountains, place marking the key battle. Military honors are made in memory of all Russian soldiers who died fighting for the liberation of Bulgaria.

But, this year, the event has not happened at some places in Bulgaria because of the risk of coronavirus.

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