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Bulgarian Wine Store Sofia Bulgaria

As French, we are naturally interested by wine every where we stay or travel. We discovered Bulgarian wine 6 years ago and we have been highly positively surprised. Discover our 6 favorites stores in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, where you might enjoy good Bulgarian wine.

Bulgarians have a long history in winemaking, dating back to the times of the Thracians. The country has about 120 local varieties of Bulgarian wine among the nearly 6000 known varieties in the world. The locals are more and more proud to discover their wine especially to foreigners. And that makes sense because their wine is good. More, some of them are unique, as Mavrud, a unique Bulgarian grape variety

Discover our 6 Top stores in Sofia where you might taste the promising Bulgarian wine alongside professionals and local wine enthusiasts.

Spot 1 : Vino Orenda Wine Shop

Bulgarian Wine Stores in Sofia Bulgaria
@madamebulgaria picture – Vino Orenda Wine Shop, with Valentina

Vino Orenda Wine Shop is the first launched dedicated Bulgarian wine store in Sofia (since 2012). We meet the lovely owners, Valentina and Asen, for a warm Bulgarian wine tasting. Very passionate by wine, and after many acquired knowledge, the couple decided to open Vino Orenda Wine Shop. Located in the heart of the trendy Bulgarian capital, the place offers a selection of more than 300 wines from 60 Bulgarian wineries. Red, White, Rose, there is wine for every taste.

The couple are focus on small family wineries. They meet in person all of them before collaborating, and offering a limited range of wines that you can not find in the mass market. Vino Orenda Wine Shop also proposes every month Bulgarian wine tasting events with different themes. A good opportunity for them to introduce some new wineries and new harvests to locals and foreigners wine enthusiasts.

For their regular clients this is a good opportunity to meet, chat, and learn interesting facts about Bulgarian wine. Almost every wine tasting is attended by wine-makers, often the owners themselves. A nice Bulgarian wine store to explore in Sofia.

More about the place / Address / Facebook / Google Reviews : 4,8/5

Spot 2 : Tempus Vini Wine Point

Bulgarian Wine Stores in Sofia Bulgaria
@Tempusvini picture – A group of Irish guys in Sofia

We were strolling on the Knyaz Boris Street, close to Vitosha Boulevard, in the Center of Sofia when we discovered a wine store we do not know yet. Kalin Nikolov Kuchev, the owner of Tempus Vini Wine Point is a true wine lover with a real passion and desire to share it. Kalin immersed himself into the world of wine many years ago and has never stopped exploring this immense universe. The place offers more than 400 labels (keep increase), mostly unique Bulgarian wines from unique varieties.

Together you will discover the unknown treasures of Bulgaria, unique wine varieties that you have probably never tasted before. But once you try them, you will never forget. Kalin also organizes tasting events around international and Bulgarian wine.

A very nice occasion to taste and discover 5 wine varieties of local grapes unique to Bulgaria as Miskets, Melnik, Mavrud, Gumza or Rubin. Plus, local cheeses and artisanal bread. No reason to pass by without entering.

Address / Facebook / Google Reviews : 4,9/5

Spot 3 : Balaban Wine Sofia

Bulgarian Wine places in Sofia Bulgaria
@madamebulgaria picture – Balaban Wine Sofia

“Welcome to the Wine Bulgaria – Ancient and Novel Land”. This is the slogan of Balaban Wine, one of the newest Bulgarian wine place in Sofia, opened in 2018. Here everything happens with family : Kaloyan the son, Kalin the father and Maya the mother. They are the 3 people behind this Bulgarian wine project. Very friendly, they welcomed us in their warm and authentic wine bar. Winemaking has been in the family’s traditions and culture for many centuries ever since the Thracians.

Their passion simply started by travelling around the country and exploring the uniqueness of the Bulgarian wine varieties. They visited a lot of the wineries in the Donube Plain region, Melnik and Thracian Valley regions. They were astonished by the variety and character of the Bulgarian wine quality and the winemakers there.

So, they decided to open their first Bulgarian wine bar in Sofia. Mainly because they truly believe in the quality and potential of the Bulgarian wine. And they are right. They aim to make Bulgarian wine popular among the wine lovers, foreigners as locals. Balaban Wine Sofia offers about 80 local wines. There, you can purchase 90% of them by the glass. There are also classic varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlo, Chardonnay etc. and blends with the local and classic varieties. They are all from small family artesian wineries. Then, you can also organize tasting events there for small group.

Address / Facebook / Google Reviews : 4,5/5

Spot 4 : Crafter – Craft beer and Bulgarian Wine

Bulgarian Wine Sofia
@Craft Bar in Sofia – Bulgaria

Driven by a big love for quality beer and wine, Crafter is a warm place located two streets from Vitosha Boulevard in Sofia. The place is dedicated to true pleasures, Bulgarian wine and beers. No compromise. With added value. Here you will find a wide variety of craft beers from Bulgaria and the world, as well as a precise selection of boutique Bulgarian wines. Last but not least, Denislav, the owner of Craft Bar in Sofia organizes Bulgarian beer and wine tastings, supported with great Bulgarian yellow cheese and other food. You can try 6 different wines or beers, starting with the suitable first option to try and afterwards to upgrade the taste experience with each and every next serving.

Address / Facebook / Google Reviews : 4,8/5

Spot 5 : Casavino

Bulgarian Wine Stores in Sofia Bulgaria
@Casavino Sofia – Bulgaria

Casavino is a wine Bulgarian chaine, one of the most famous. There, wine lovers find all find of wine, international wine as Bulgarian one. Bulgarian wines come from the most professional wine growing areas and recognized in Bulgaria. Every time we go in Casavino, the one located on the « General Mihail D. Skobelev » boulevard, our favorite, the manager receives us with great attention. He gives some good advises when we don’t know what to choose. We have never been disappointed. Also, the place proposes every month a wine tasting. A nice address to explore in Sofia if you want to discover some Bulgarian delicious wines.

Address / Facebook / Google Reviews : 4,5/5

Spot 6 : EnjoyWine Bulgarian Wine

Bulgarian Wine Stores in Sofia Bulgaria
@EnjoyWine, Sofia Bulgaria

Located on the famous Shishman street in Sofia, EnjoyWine is one of newest Bulgarian wine store of the Bulgarian Capital. Its slogan is clear : « Let’s imagine that great wine is being made in Bulgaria. The best is that we don’t have to imagine it ». The store is warm and friendly. There, as in the others store seen before, you will been well welcomed by the owners, passionate.

The place implements initiatives in support of Bulgarian producers, especially small boutique family wineries, including providing access to more consumers to their wines. Enjoy Wine organizes tastings and presentations of selected wines, wine tours and trainings. A nice store to explore in Sofia.

Address / Facebook / Google Reviews : 4,7/5

Cover picture @Casavino

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  1. Wow so lovely to find my fav wine places in Sofia in one place! It made me happy to read about them! I love BG wines. Cheers! Santé! Nazdrave!

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