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Zlaten Rozhen Winery is a place to discover if you are both travelling in Bulgaria and a wine lover. Located in the region of Melnik, Southwestern Bulgaria, the cellar really deserves a stop. What’more about this family-owned winery known for the high quality of its wine ?

Are you interested by wine ? Do you plane to visit Bulgaria ? So you should know that the region of Melnik is a unique vine growing and winemaking area in the country. The area offers a high concentration of local wine varieties and cellars. And Zlaten Rozhen Winery is one of them. All thanks to its outstanding soils and plentiful sunshine.

The wines of Melnik were proudly present at the tables of the European royal families in the 17-18th centuries. Since, Melnik region shines more and more in Europe and in the world for its unique grape varieties.

Zlaten Rozhen Winery Madame Bulgaria blog
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Located in the village of Kapatovo, 12km from Melnik town, Zlaten Rozhen Winery is a boutique wine cellar.

Zlaten Rozhen Winery Madame Bulgaria blog
@Zlaten Rozhen Winery – Madame Bulgaria (2020)

Established in 2010, since then the winery has not stopped growing. The cellar was built near the vineyards in a land property of approximately 4,000 square meters. You can easily include the visit of the winery in a day tour.

@Zlaten Rozhen Winery – Madame Bulgaria (2020)
@Zlaten Rozhen Winery – Madame Bulgaria (2020)

About the modern architectural complex of Zlaten Rozhen Winery.

Zlaten Rozhen Winery is very modern and active. Its walls is the fully completed production cycle, starting with grapes and ending at the bottle of wine. The equippement offers the most modern fermentation facilities. There are all the options for optimize and control all processes of vinification, maturing, stabilization and bottling of the wines. During the visit, wine lovers will learn about the mystery of winemaking. Thus, they will discover the entire production process of the Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar.

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The winery has its own vine plot of 800 decares with a vine density of 460 vines per decare. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Melnik 55, Melnik Ruby, and Broad Melnik Vine. They are some of the grape varieties of the winery you will find here.

Zlaten Rozhen Winery Madame Bulgaria
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Zlaten Rozhen Winery has a gustation room, where group and individual tastings are available. The welcome is warm, and the staff friendly and qualified in wine.

Zlaten Rozhen Winery is open everyday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Facebook page.

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