10 Outdoor Restaurants In Sofia Center To Explore

Outdoor Restaurants Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia, the trendy Bulgarian capital, offers many restaurants, from the most traditional to gastronomical and modern. Some of them proposes an outdoor terrace. For a brunch or a dinner with friends or family, find below which outdoor restaurants you should to try.

The best outdoor restaurants in Sofia, the lovely Bulgarian capital, are on everyone’s mind during warmer months. When the sun comes out, locals scramble to occupy every breezy patio and leafy garden in sight.

To help you score the most coveted alfresco tables, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Sofia center restaurants with outdoor seating.

Annette, the Moroccan Spot in Sofia

The Restaurant Annette is one of our favorite moroccan restaurants in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. Offering a tasty moroccan menu, a good service, accessible prices and a cosy atmosphere, the place also proposes a cosy outdoor terrace. Find the narrow passage on the left of the restaurant. It gives you access to a white quiet outside terrace under trees that could become your next summer spot in Sofia. That places Annette Restaurant as one of our favorite outdoor restaurants in the capital.

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@Annette Restaurant, Sofia – By Madame Bulgaria

« Prague 18 » Family Pub

The place is a traditional Bulgarian Restaurant. It offers fresh and tasty dishes. The restaurant also has a large selection of beers (more than 125 types of beers), the list of which is regularly updated. The restaurant has a large summer garden, immersed in the greenery, skillfully distributed so as to create separate spaces. You might have the feeling that you are located in the courtyard of your own home. Large umbrellas and wooden sheds provide freshness on hot summer days and completely separate the restaurant from the surrounding buildings, making you forget that you are in the center of the bustling capital.

Address / Price : €

Aubergine – Craft beer. Craft food

Aubergine restaurant is the only restaurant in Bulgaria where the menu is paired with local craft beer. Located in Sofia center, near to the National Palace of Culture, Aubergine offers a variety of distinctive tastes and a relaxing atmosphere. More, the outdoor terrace is a paradise in the bustling city. In the company of Garfield, under the green vine, you can enjoy food inspired by the talented kitchen team, led by chef Yassen Krastev. Nothing more is needed to become one of our favorite outdoor restaurants in Sofia.

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@Aubergine Restaurant, Sofia-Bulgaria

« Hotel Niki » Garden Restaurant

Garden Restaurant « Hotel Niki » is a charming semi outdoor restaurant, which proposes an authentic traditional Bulgarian cuisine. The decoration, although traditional, offers a relaxing atmosphere with a bassin with fishes, perrots and canaries, flowers and trees. Also, the place has a great selection of Bulgarian beers and wines. All these make this place one of our favorite outdoor restaurants in Sofia.

Address / Price : €

Made In Blue

Before Made in Blue, the house was abandoned. Once renovated, the place has been transformed into a trendy restaurant. Located in the heart of Sofia, the whole house is painted in blue. The decoration is really unique ! The food is good and original. For example, you will find in the menu : Karnitas Burrito with roasted pork & vegetables, curry mussels with coconut, salad with cherries, herbal beef caftan with bulgur pilaff, chicken fillet & Zucchini mash, etc. The atmosphere is relax. The garden, retro and artsy, offers an outdoor space. Made In Blue is the perfect place to enjoy your long summer’s evenings.

Address / Price : €€

@Made In Blue, Sofia – Bulgaria

Social Cafe Bar & Kitchen restaurant

This spot is probably the trendiest restaurant located on Vitosha Boulevard, the main pedestrian avenue. Its slogan : « It’s a restaurant, bar and cafe where you can be sociable ». That’s why the place is also one of the favorite addresses of locals and expat who like to meet there all the year. The atmosphere is cosy, the design attractive and the food lives up to our expectations. They have amazing pizza and pasta, fresh salads, burgers, beef steaks and grilled meats, risotto and seafood (etc.). We like to lunch there (90% sure that we will take a burger), or just have a drink. Last but not least, the Social Cafe offers an outdoor design terrace which makes this place on our favorite outdoor restaurants in Sofia, especially in spring and summer.

Address / Price : €

Street Chefs Foodtruck | fine burgers & steaks

Street Chefs Foodtruck is probably the coolest foodtruck in Sofia, the trendy capital. It is also the first authentic food truck launched in the heart of Sofia. The truck bought in Florida. It brought back by boat to Bulgaria know the success quickly. This place offers a variety of homemade burgers, each as delicious as the next. The beef is of Bulgarian origin and of first quality. The bread is fresh, homemade. Here, on sunny days you can enjoy a sunny terrace in the heart of Sofia.

Address / Price : €

Outdoor restaurants Sofia, Bulgaria
@Street Chefs Foodtruck, Sofia center- Bulgaria


From brunch to dinner, Boho Restaurant offers a tasty international cuisine and a cosy outdoor eating area. Burgers, salads, chickens, and co. All here is fresh and savorous. The portions are generous and their instagram’s photos make you want to taste everything. No reason do no try its outdoor area this summer.

Address / Price : €

Outdoor restaurants Sofia by Madame Bulgaria
@Boho Outdoor Restaurant, Sofia – Bulgaria

Happy Bar & Grill Victoria

Everyone in Bulgaria knows the Bulgarian restaurants chain « Happy Bar and Grill ». In Sofia center, our best one is Happy Victoria complex with also offers a swimming pool in the summertime – a breeze of sea in the heart of the city. The restaurant offers half Bulgarian and international cuisine. Its panoramic outdoor terrace offers a view of the swimming pool and a breath of fresh air, especially in summer.

Address / Price : €

Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon is not only a restaurant but also a bakery offering vegetarian and vegan products that are made with natural products. The menu consists of homemade organic meals which are not to be tasted anywhere elsewhere in the city. And that’s not all! The bakery offers different kinds of freshly baked bread with an amazing taste. And « Cerise sur le gâteau » (french expression), its outdoor area is very cool for have a lunch or a dinner with friends !

Address / Price : €€

Cover picture @madamebulgaria at Social Café Restaurant and Bar in Sofia, Bulgaria (2020)

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