Annette, my summer moroccan spot in Sofia #2

Annette restaurant is maybe the only one authentic moroccan restaurant in Sofia center, sure the most relaxing of them and definitely my summer moroccan spot in Sofia.

All the year, it’s a pleasure to pass time in Annette moroccan spot in Sofia for its typical and delicious moroccan food and wine and for the delicacy of the service. But, it’s not the only nice point of this place, because there is also a very nice outside area just behind the restaurant. Find the narrow passage on the left of the restaurant which to show you to a white outside terrace that could become your next summer moroccan spot in Sofia. In summer, or when the weather is sunny, Annette offers a very beautiful outside terrace. As well, it gets another nice opportunity to join some friends to spend a pleasant moment together while savoring the Annette moroccan typical couscous meal (Yes, eat couscous even in summer) or some other dishes cooked there, as Chicken skewers with yoghurt sauce over roasted tomatoes and Arabian bread, Veal kebab skewers, Sea bass with dates and walnuts, Lamb cooked in an original sauce with figs and apricots and so many very delicious others moroccan typical foods, even without meat for vegetarian people, in the company of selected delicious wines from all around the world. Moroccan lamps and candles filed here and there on tables and the terrace will enlighten you to the end of the night.

Come also in the afternoon to relax you on soft pillows and taste its desserts and Moroccan tea that will awake all your senses. Sometimes, an equally relaxed cat will give you a hug without lingering, wearing like a feather to other cats adventures. A moment, it is not impossible for you to imagine elsewhere, perhaps even in Morocco. Don’t forget a roman book, it’s not impossible you stay here, lying on soft pillows for hours without being bothered. Have a good relaxing moment ! 

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Prices (2016) : Salad : 7 BGN (3,50€) – Moroccan couscous : 12,90 BGN (6,50€) – Tagines/Grill : 12,90 BGN (6,50€) – Choice of Morrocan sweets (250gr) : 7 BGN (3,50€) – Desserts : 4,50 BGN (2,50€) – Moroccan tea (80cl) : 7 BGN (3,50€) / Opening time : Every days, 10:00 am – midnight / Address : 27 Angel Kunchev street, Sofia 1000 / +359 2 980 40 98 / Facebook page / More : Speak english, English menu / Advisable to book to eat / Enter the outside court by a passage on the left of the restaurant.

Annette moroccan spot in Sofia, BulgariaAnnette summer moroccan spot in Sofia, Bulgaria Annette summer moroccan spot in Sofia, Bulgaria Annette summer moroccan spot in Sofia, Bulgaria Annette summer moroccan spot in Sofia, Bulgaria Annette summer moroccan spot in Sofia, Bulgaria Annette summer moroccan spot in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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