Hambara Hidden Bar In Sofia : A Historic Place To Explore

Hambara Hidden Bar Sofia Bulgaria

If there was ever a competition for the most « hidden » bar in Sofia, Hambara would surely win the first place. The bar is located in a small street in the center of Sofia called 6-ti Septemvri (6th of September is a symbolic date for Bulgaria). We tell you more about this place to discover during your stay in Sofia.

Hambara is probably the most famous « hidden » bar of the lovely Bulgarian capital. It is tucked in the backyard of a residential building. Sometimes you have to knock on the door to go in, because there is no sign saying there is a bar or anything at all. So it’s best if someone can get you there.

Once you open the door you’ll enter into a dim room that doesn’t use electricity. In fact, the space is lit by hundreds of candles which make the atmosphere really cozy. The drinks are fantastic. The bar staff are friendly and welcoming and always ready to surprise the customers with a new shot.

Actually, Hambara is an enchanted barn transformed into a pub. People can experience the charm of the Middle Ages combined with the modern hipster culture. Besides, the live music performance makes the pleasure of the visit even stronger!

In detail, the bar is at two-levels. On the lower one there are bar tables with stools. On the upper level guests can sit and have their drinks on tables with small chairs. It’s a great place to talk with your friends whether it’s summer or winter. So, you can even go there on a first date as apart from being cozy Hambara is also very romantic.

In the past Hambara was known as a place where only the elite of the nation and their friends could go. The door was locked unless the visitor knew the password, to get inside. 

Also, the place was opened to the public only after the end of Communism. However, even nowadays, the bar is secret. For exemple, there is no website or a sign to inform people about its existence. The 2 levels attract a variety of artists, philosophers, students, as well as expats and tourists.

Furthermore, the bar holds various artistic and intellectual events. So if you are looking for a place in Sofia with a great atmosphere, incredible staff and enjoy the idea to spend sometime in a bar lit only by candles, we highly recommend you check Hambara out!

Facebook / price : 50ml of rum: BGN 3.00 / Opening : 9.00pm / ul. 6-ti septemvri 22, Sofia, Bulgaria (Map)

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Cover Picture : @Chris Pearrow

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