Top 10 Best Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Sofia

Vegetarian Restaurants Sofia Bulgaria, Made in home

If you are a vegetarian travelling to Sofia but you are not sure which of the numerous veggie restaurants are worth going to, let us help you a bit. This list includes some of the best vegetarian and vegan places where you can eat in a nice, relaxing atmosphere.

Sun & Moon


This is not only a restaurant but also a bakery offering vegetarian and vegan products that are made with natural products. The menu consists of homemade organic meals which are not to be tasted anywhere elsewhere in the city. And that’s not all! The bakery offers different kinds of freshly baked bread with an amazing taste. So, if you are someone who doesn’t like but cannot go without bread or cake, you should absolutely visit this special place in the heart of the city.

Soul Kitchen


Soul Kitchen is first of all a project of a group of friends and culinary enthusiasts who shared the desire to cook refined vegan & raw-food dishes. This restaurant is among the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Sofia. So, this is a great place for vegetarians and vegans in the Bulgarian capital. Dishes are prepared by using carefully optimal picked and fresh products. The place also proposes things such as tofu, gluten-free bread and nut milk used to prepare the traditional Bulgarian cold soup “tarator”. A nice vegetarian and vegan restaurant to enjoy in Sofia.



This is another fantastic vegetarian restaurant to visit. It is located in the so-called students’ town (a district of Sofia, where university students from other towns live) and offers to its customers the delight of both Indian and Bulgarian cuisine. Although the menu is not purely vegetarian, the meals that are not made with meat are predominant .Here is why if you happen to be somewhere near this part of Sofia you could stop by for a delicious vegetarian lunch or dinner.

Edgy Veggy


This is actually a vegan café in Mexican style, offering burritos and quesadillas as well as sandwiches, smoothies, granola bowls and healthy desserts. This restaurant is among the most tasty vegetarian restaurants in Sofia.

Loving Hut


This is a vegan cafe with a casual, relaxed atmosphere.  The meals served here are at very affordable prices and could vary from  Mac n Cheese and homemade pizza to all sorts of  yummy desserts that will make you crave coming back as soon as possible. The cafe is situated in the center of Sofia near the  National Opera House.  

Veda House


Veda House is not just a tea house. Veda House is also a temple of peace and comfort offering vegetarian menus with some vegan dishes based on Indian ayurveda without the heavy use of spices combining it with local ingredients and flavours. A great place to chill out and recharge.

Made In Home


The popular Made In Home restaurant is not a place 100% vegetarian or vegan. It serves also meat. But the spot proposes an ample vegetarian and vegan offerings, very fresh and tasty. A good moment to enjoy in a fantastic artsy atmosphere in the heart of Sofia.



This is not only somewhere to eat but also a cultural place, art gallery, cafe and bar. As far as the drinks are concerned the Apartment offers some fantastic fresh juices, Ayurvedic drinks and teas. The meals here are more like vegetarian and vegan snacks, and you can also have sweets and cakes, and the biggest advantage is that they are all instantly prepared in the kitchen area on site.



It opened doors in 2005 and since then has been offering great quality meals along with perfect service to its customers. To find it you just need to follow the graffiti on the wall. Once you enter it you will feel overwhelmed by the  relaxing atmosphere, the great music and tasty vegetarian and vegan meals. The menu is rich in tasty yet healthy  ingredients and a lot of the dishes are gluten-free. 

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Cafe Parallel 43


This place works under the motto ‘Food for Life’ . And you can feel that in every meal offered there. The lunch menu consists of mouth watering vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as well as cakes and sweets.  For dinner,on the other hand, you can choose delicious rice flour pancakes with nut cheese, herbs and raw vegetables or you can try the daily specialty called ‘The Chef’s Choice’. Once you decide on your meals, you will be able to enjoy them in a cozy atmosphere listening to jazz music in the background.

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  1. so happy to read this post 💚👏 .. all my vegan/vege favs in here . Restaurant Soul Kitchen / Ресторант Соул Китчън is amazing and has a lovely patio seating not to be missed as well as always lovely BG wines! … if you are vegan Слънце Луна – Sun Moon Small 5 Corners as well as the corner Solunska/Tsar Asen have delicious vegan versions of Banitsa with tofu or lentils .. and don’t miss the Sunday brunch at DreamHouse with delicious buffet style for such an affordable price … when I had arrived to Sofia as a vegan almost 3 years ago and I stereotyped Sofia as not having any choices for vegans .. and oh boy …I was so wrong😀

  2. Wonderful article, I loved the food in Sofia and ate well as a vegetarian there. I’m so looking forward to enjoying these places and even more exciting food when I next visit this great city.

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