Beti Hand Mades : « Draw me lovely panties »

Beti Hand Mades

Hand painted lingerie, unique designs transfered from paper to a fabric and then to a beautiful lingerie, Beti Hand Mades offers a delicious Handmade Lingerie for Women. We love it ! We met for you its friendly creator, Izabela Tserovska, better known as Betty. 

Isabela, alias Beti, the designer of Beti Hand Mades opened the doors of her very nice workplace located in the center of Sofia close to the National Palace of Culture inviting me for a cup of tea. Very friendly and smiling, Betti proposed me to visit her place and to enter in her beautiful world, her Art, fabrics, materials, and all these little panties that we would like to buy by 1000 if we could do it (So cute !). Of course, she told me about her passion for underwear. 

Beti Hand Mades

She started when she was at the National Academy of Arts, she had the chance to take part in Triumph Inspirational Award, in which she had to create a lingerie design inspired by dragons and butterflies, this was the theme. She didn’t won the competition, but it made her realize that she is interested in knowing more about the whole process of making lingerie. About her brand, it is called Beti Bones, and her designs are well known of her signature hand-painted designs with cherries, French macaroons, and candies.

Beti Hand Mades

Her true passion is drawing so she decided to put her skills in sewing and her love for drawing into my designs. It started really casual at the beginning. There was no planning, she was just experimenting with fabrics and designs, after she made the first few samples/pieces, she uploaded her photos on her Facebook page and it all started from there. There were orders from friends at first then it all developed in a business. She has all sorts of clients even men, they’re all very positive and open towards everything new.

She believes that the Beti Hand Mades clients are playful, open and great. About her inspiration, it comes from everything around her, she loves to explore new colour combinations, and fabrics. I asked her about what are her future plans for her brand. New collaborations with other artists, new line of swimsuits and a special limited collection for weddings only are planned. Booooo, we can’t wait more to discover the new designs of and follow Beti Hand Mades adventure !

More : ул. Гечкенли 6, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria / / +359 885 606 769 / Etsy : BettiBones / Facebook 

Illustration pictures : Jenny Ivanova 

Beti Hand Mades Beti Hand MadesBeti Hand MadesBeti Hand MadesBeti Hand MadesBeti Hand Mades Beti Hand Mades

Jenny Ivanova


Jenny is a passionate artist and the Founder of Nuage Home, a Bulgarian brand for handcrafted home products.

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