Urbanites: Neon Dancing at EXE CLUB – An Interactive Event Combining Dance, Digital Art and 80s Music

Urbanites: Neon Dancing is a new project by choreographer Kosta Karakashyan, an interactive event combining dance, digital art and 80s music. It will be held on November 6th in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. We tell you everything about this fabulous date.

« Urbanites: Neon Dancing » is the fruit of the imagination of the Bulgarian-Armenian director, choreographer and performer, Kosta Karakashyan, in collaboration with the Macedonian designer Gjorgji Despodov and the creative platform Urbanites Sofia, uniting contemporary dance and digital art.

The event « Urbanites: Neon Dancing » bring together choreography, created live in front of the audience, an electronic 80s DJ set and visual art, including installations and projections.

Urbanites: Neon Dancing Sofia Bulgaria
Picture : Georgi Despodov

“By creating a new dance work in the club in one hour, we aim to reveal to our audience what a creative process in the studio can look like when we are talking about contemporary dance. We’ve also prepared interactive tasks, through which the audience can influence the actions of the dancers, which could lead to completely unexpected results!” confides Karakashyan. “I have the pleasure of working with three incredible dancers, and we cannot wait to vibe off the audience’s tasks and the specially curated playlist by Stranger Synths.”

Urbanites: Neon Dancing Sofia Bulgaria
Picture : Georgi Despodov

Also, the cast of Neon Dancing includes notable Bulgarian dance artists Stephanie Handjiiska, Vladimir Gruev, and Iskra Daskalova. They will construct a completely new dance piece to the sounds of Stranger Synths – Nikolay Vajarov and Dragomir Donchev, notable for their signature 80s synthwave sets.

The costumes are prepared by SRB –  a fresh new streetwear brand withFrench, Armenian and Bulgarian roots.

Urbanites: Neon Dancing Sofia Bulgaria
Picture : Georgi Despodov

Urbanites Sofia is a platform for contemporary art and culture that supports young emerging artists by providing them with opportunities to present their work at events, exhibitions and online. While the main area of their work is visual arts, in this edition they are mixing performing and digital arts together for the very first time.

Their club events are inspired by the connection between visual arts, music, and club culture: their common need to stimulate and evoke deep sensations and impressions on an audience.

In the last years, different galleries and museums around the world like the Tate Modern and Saatchi have organized club events uniting gallery spaces with club culture, and this is the second event of this kind that Urbanites Sofia have hosted at EXE CLUB.

Urbanites: Neon Dancing, November 6, 2019 (Wednesday), 21:30

Facebook event / Phone: 0879 14 23 99 / Email / Urbanites Sofia

Urbanites: Neon Dancing Sofia Bulgaria
Picture : Georgi Despodov

More about the Artists :

Gjorgji Despodov is an artist and multidisciplinary designer based between Bulgaria and Macedonia. He graduated with a BA in Advertising Design in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 2019.

He currently works as a graphic designer in a Digital Agency in Sofia and as a freelancer. Gjorgji has a visual vocabulary influenced by pop art, 80s cinematography and the design of Memphis.

“My creative approach to design is to create a strong impression of the external form with an implied narrative. I am trying to work frequently to display a collection of ordinary objects in an unusual context, giving new meaning to familiar things.” says the artist.

More about his work.

Kosta Karakashyan is a Bulgarian director, choreographer, performer, and writer. A two-time Bulgarian National Ballroom Champion, Kosta has performed and choreographed on Dancing with the Stars Vietnam and across Bulgaria, New York, Canada, Germany, Norway and Vietnam.

He graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Dance. Under his creative studio Studio Karakashyan, he also directs film projects, and last month he received the Lumiere Award in Canada for his film WAITING FOR COLOR about the ongoing LGBTQ+ persecution in Chechnya.

Kosta is currently pursuing a Master’s in Human Rights at the Global Campus of Human Rights in Venice. As an artist, Kosta investigates how to nurture tenderness and empathy in society through dance, film and education, particularly as it relates to achieving equal rights in Bulgaria.

More about his work.

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