One Week Of Celebrating The Digital Nomad Lifestyle In Bansko

Digital Nomad Bansko

Bansko is going to be The Digital Nomad Capital this summer. From June 28 till July 4, the city of Bansko will turn into a celebration of what’s great about working location independent. What’s more about this event ?

For 7 days, participants will have a chance to learn and find inspiration from over 50 great speakers, insightful talks, personal stories and various workshops connected with finding and starting remote work, benefits and challenges of nomad lifestyle, managing your own business and many more.

Part of the program are also activities like hiking, rafting, mountain biking, speed dating, wine tours and etc., which are giving an opportunity to the Bansko guest to experience Bulgarian nature and all things, which the mountain can offer in this season, to taste the delicious local food and build meaningful connections between each other.

The term digital nomad became popular in the last decade, when more and more people started to work location independent. They often work from foreign countries, coffee shops, coworking spaces, just using their laptops and mobile devices and unlimited opportunities for global connection through the internet and wide open borders between the countries. The move of remote workers is often driven by the desire to find places where life is affordable, the community is friendly and nature is nearby

Since Uwe Allgäuer and Matthias Zeitler arrived in Bansko and opened a coworking space in December 2016, they have grown Bansko into a major digital nomad hub in Europe. With its beautiful mountains, historical center, many restaurants and affordable apartments, Bansko has started to attract more and more digital nomads. Coworking Bansko is the epicenter of the community and has about 100 members throughout the year.

From June 28 till July 4, hundreds of digital nomads will come together at the Bansko Nomad Fest to celebrate this great lifestyle.

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If you want to get a short impression of last year’s festival :

All picture by @Bansko nomad fest 2020

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