Christmas : 10 trend Bulgarian gifts with less than 40 Leva

You only have a few days left to find your last gifts but your budget or lack of inspiration blocks you ? In my new article, I share with you my good addresses, my ideas from my research or meetings, my discoveries in the Christmas markets organized throughout December and during which I discovered Bulgarian brands super nice and which propose products with less than 30 Leva.


    1. A relaxing spa moment, Sense SPA Sofia.

Here is a gift that puts everyone ok : an entry to the Sense SPA in Sofia, an oasis of harmony in the heart of the Bulgarian capital in a unique patio, discreet daylight, wood, stone, steel and water co-exist in complete balance and contribute to a holistic experience of wellness for a relaxation moment highly guaranteed. Price : 25 leva for 1 entry on the week (and 30 leva on weekends). Your family or friends, we will LOVE you..


    2. A box of delicious Macarons, Chez Féfé

In addition to these beautiful boxes of macarons with french name « Marie », « François », « Pierre », « Rosette » etc.. (price : 9,90 levas for a box with 5 macarons, 13,50 leva for 8 macarons), Chez Fefe, located  ул. Солунска 12 in Sofia, associates with other brands of Bulgarian designers in creating boxes for girls as for boys at 40 leva (currently 36 leva on the website). Trendy, colored and glamorous, what else ? The little extra : no need to move, Chez Fefe deliver at home. 


    3. A gorgeous Burger menu for 1 or 2 people, Smuggler’s Diner Restaurant. 

« Offer a restaurant ? But that does not happen !! » But why not ? It is not prohibited in any case. Located in the centrum of Sofia, Ulitsa Hristo Belchev 29, Smuggler’s Diner is probably the most delicious burgers place of the capital and my favorite one. With a highly friendly atmosphere and total immersion in the America of the sixties (the smiling waitresses are in costume), to offer a Burger menu there can be a very atypical and enjoying gift. I used to go there and I’m never disappointed. Of course, all the products are fresh and sure, the team, very open and helpful, will create for you a special Christmas ticket. 1 menu (burger, fries and beer) : 18 leva. 


    4. A design scented candle, I/TEMS

I/TEMS Design creates specially curated collections for the home that make life more beautiful. It brings more harmony into your everyday life and you will love it. We love the scents offered (Rose, Lavender, Wood …) and the pastel and relaxing colors of the package. The girls will love. You can find it 24 Luben Karavelov street, in Sofia. Price : 15 leva.


    5. A 100% organic bottle of wine, Trastena

Trastena is a wine producer established in 2007 and made from 100% organic fermented raspberries. Drink wine Merlot and add 100% natural extract of green raspberries. It has a specific aroma of Merlot, combined with fruity character. The taste is sweet, full, saturated fruity character, very delicious. It contains no artificial colors, aromas and flavors. A very nice present, definitely. Price : 18 leva.


    6. An original butterfly bow for men, Darvart (ДървАРТ)

Here is an original and trendy gift and idea. The brand Darvart offers small homemade knots of wood butterflies. I love, so cute, for children as for adults. Price : starting from 27 leva


    7. A design handmade home product, Nuagehome.

Nuagehome is a small very nice Bulgarian brand for handcrafted home products. Ropes baskets, coasters, bowls, rugs, runners table, etc., all the products are proudly handcrafted and are very design, contemporary, pure and timeless. Price : starting from 32 leva. The little extra: Jenny, the designer, is very reactive and friendly and makes also super gift packages. 

Nuage Home

    8. A very design and contemporary ceramic product, Concept.

All the products of the brand Concept are unique and handmade. There has been a great love, respect for detail and design by a passionate designer, Zlatina, for the most chic christmas gift to offer. Price : 27 leva.


    9. Your friend, your brother, your daughter is entrepreneur ? Let’s go to SOHO.

Why not to offer to a friend or entrepreneur son/daughter, etc. a few hours in a coworking place ? These collective spaces, conceived for the entrepreneurs, are also a good way to meet people, to challenge one’s project and especially to leave home when you start. In Sofia, my favorite one is definitely SOHO, located 4 Iskar Street, Sofia 1000 (near Serdika metro station), mainly because the atmosphere is very friendly and the team, with Luba the founder, is very nice and use to organize lot of kind of events during the year (check the Facebook page). Good vib ! Price (one day – flexible desk) : 16 leva (3 days : 42 leva).


    10. For the children, Nenekidz.

Nenekids is a very nice Handmade toys and accessories for children’s environment and a so cute ! Christmas gift for them. You can order the toys with a personal message, at or by phone (0888909813). Price : according of the product, but accessible.


Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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