Top 6 Christmas Bazaars 2018 To Enjoy In Sofia

Christmas Bazaars Sofia Bulgaria 2018

Christmas is coming soon. For this lovely occasion, Sofia offers at this period many Christmas bazaars where you can feel and enjoy the Christmas spirit. And find cute presents for your family and friends. We selected our 6 best rendezvous in the Bulgarian Capital.


Спектър’18 Cosmos Christmas Bazar – 8-9 December 2018

Expect a selection of favorite brands that fill your annual spectrum with quality and color. At two of the floors you will be able to meet a variety of designer items – clothing, accessories, homeware, ceramics, illustrations, jewelry, books and more. Tasty food and hot drinks (aka sweet wine and others) will be an integral part of this Christmas bazaar, and on the floors of Cosmos you will be listening to the 2018th favorite playlist.

8-9 December 2018 / Event 


Fika Christmas Market – 8-9 December 2018

Fika is a regular cozy bazaar event based in Sofia and gathering traditional scandinavian food with local quality and minimalist products. Find the selection of this year’s participants on the event page, as well as the special menu where the chef’s team, the bar raketa barky, will perform stealthy traditional recipes.

8-9 December 2018Event


Mish Mash Fest, Christmas is coming – 8-9 December 2018

There will be a bright, beautiful and Christmas holiday of talented people, a good taste and the most original gift ideas. Find the all information about this bazaar in the facebook event.

8-9 December 2018 /  Event 


SоLYKKЕ • cozy Christmas happening – 13 December 2018

Every year, SOHO Sofia organizes a special cozy market event to celebrate Christmas through the local art. This year, Soho team and some Bulgarian artists, craftsmen and others are preparing a lovely Christmas event around the idea of LYKKE – the Danish word for « happiness ». For discover the true spirit of Christmas, join the event and enjoy 😉

13-14 December 2018 / Event


Christmas Botanical Bazaar – 15-16 December 2018

If you still do not know Cactus Lab in Sofia, it is probably a good occasion to discover this unique place in the Bulgarian capital. The place welcomes you for an unusual plant bazaar where you will discover a wide variety of plant species from which you can grab one for your home or office. The organizers will also offer added value of plant knowledge and skills to make your urban life better, plus many Christmas surprises..

15-16 December 2018 / Event 


Christmas in Betahouse Sofia  | Handmade Design Market – 16-17 December 2018

Here you will be in touch with art and artists who put their whole soul in the process of creating your gifts. Handmade Design Market was created by a girl who believes in love and all its nuances, to show the world the human talent in the creation of beauty and harmony in the outside world.

16-17 December 2018/ Event 



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