Top 7 Outdoor Sports To Do In Bulgaria This Summer

Summer Sports in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a great place in Europe to spend unforgettable vacation. Whether you love beach, mountain or countryside vacation, Bulgaria offers excellent opportunities for outdoor sports tourism. Discover the 7 outdoor sports you can practice in Bulgaria this spring or summer.

Nature, high mountains, diverse terrain and sea offer very good conditions of various outdoor sports in Bulgaria during spring and summer. We selected for you the 7 most popular outdoor sports practiced by locals but also foreign tourists.

Sport 1 : Canyoning

If you do not know exactly what that sport consists, canyoning is really fun. It involves jumping into a mountain stream that is flowing very fast and being carried down the stream while you float on your back. Bulgaria offers some of the most beautiful places to try canyoning. Much more than sensations, canyoning is also a great way to see wonderful Bulgarian territory from another point of view. You will find in Bulgaria professional and serious canyoning clubs proposing quality canyoning tours.

Where ? The main spots are located at only 1h30 away from Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, and Bansko, the most famous skiing resort in Bulgaria. Find here some of the most recommended canyoning tours in Bulgaria.

Outdoor Sports in Bulgaria

Sport 2 : Rafting & Kayaking

February to August are the most suitable months for rafting in Bulgaria, one of the most popular outdoor sports there. At only 120 km away from Sofia, the Struma River is the one of the most famous where you can practice rafting by descending the beautiful Kresna Gorge. Some rafting tours propose programs suitables for families who want to have fun with their children. In the same river, that’s also possible to book a Kayaking trip, an other nice way to enjoy nature in Bulgaria. Most clubs offer very good quality equipment. Then, most of them also offer shuttles from Sofia or other cities.

Where ? Best conditions for rafting in Bulgaria are on rivers Struma (near Blagoevgrad), Arda (near Pamporovo) and Iskar (close to Sofia). Find here some of the most recommended rafting-kayaking spots in Bulgaria.

Outdoor Sports in Bulgaria

Sport 3 : Hiking

Bulgarian mountains are known as the hiker’s paradise coming from over the world. You will find in Bulgaria thousands of kilometers of way-marked trails at your disposal. The 3 main National parks, Rila, Balkan and Pirin, will offer you unforgettable moments and breathtaking landscapes. Rhodope and Vitosha mountains also both offer good conditions of hiking. Vitosha mountain can be joined very quickly from Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, in only few kilometers. You can find many serious and professional guided walking tours, for one or several days.

Where ? The Rila mountains are very coveted with Musala, Malyovits, the Seven Rila Lakes; Koncheto Ridge in Pirin National park and Raiskoto Praskalo Waterfall in the Balkans National park are among the some of the most scenic routes you can explore , and more. Find here some of the most recommended hicking itineraries in Bulgaria.

Sports in Bulgaria, hiking Stara Planina Bulgaria

Sport 4 : Horse Riding

Bulgaria is a horse country, which makes it a perfect horse riding destination. Bulgaria proposes itineraries for riders wishing to try everything, from beginners to advanced. You can book outings on horseback of a few hours or for several days according to your desires. Most riding centers offer tours in English or even in others languages. In the Bulgarian mountains, air is pure and sceneries breathtaking. Several high points from which you would dominate mountains and valleys and appreciate the beautiful nature. An other way to discover the wonderful Bulgaria and enjoy awesome time.

Where ? Many riding centers organize tours in the Balkan mountains and in the Rhodope mountain which offer amazing landscape and very large open areas that are easy to access. Find here some of the most recommended horse riding tours in Bulgaria.

Horse Riding Sports in Bulgaria

Sport 5 : Diving

Escape to a different world, offering new colors, new shapes and textures… Bulgaria is not a known destination for scuba diving, yet it offers memorable excursions there as well. The Bulgarian Black Sea offers a variety of marine species and communities. You will probably met sea turtles and dolphins, that they make your excursion unforgettable. This summer sport is suitable for all levels of certification. The diving season in Bulgaria runs from April until November. Do not way anymore to escape to a peaceful place to renew your energy and excite your senses.

Where ? On the Black Sea (Varna, Burgas, Nessebar, Sozopol, etc.). Find here some of the most recommended diving spotsin Bulgaria.

Sports in Bulgaria

Sport 6 : Rock Climbing

As you already know, Bulgaria is rich with scenery, culture, food, people and… rock. Indeed Bulgaria is an excellent location for practice rock climbing. There, you will find amazing quality and every type of climbing. Among them, Vratsa is the best and largest rock climbing area in the country, with many climbing schools using it as a base. Located in Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park, there are also with many other activity options around.

Where ? Vratsa, Lakatnik, Rila, Veliko Tarnovo, Prohodna Cave, Karlukovo are some of the most famous sport to practice rock climbing. Find here some of the most recommended rock climbing spots in Bulgaria.

Outdoor Sports in Bulgaria
@Ruslan Vakrilov – Chris Weidner on Varna, at Karlukovo

Sport 7 : Golf

Golf is not one of the most traditional sports played in Bulgaria. Nevertheless, you would find in Bulgaria some golf courses challenging and luxurious. Some of them offer a hotel services where it is possible to spend holidays, playing seen on the sea. Both located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort and Black Sea Rama Golf each provide accommodation, exceptional golf course and beachside resources.

Outdoor Sports in Bulgaria
@Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort

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