Covid-19: How Is Bulgaria Managing The Crisis Viewed From Abroad ?

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The Covid-19 crisis was not predictable. Nobody could imagine that this would happen. Except for a few movie makers of Hollywood! In less than 3 months, the major part of the world population has been confined at home because of a virus. Each state is trying to manage this crisis in its own way. What about Bulgaria?

Spliting my time between France and Bulgaria I have to say that I have been extremely positively surprised by the way the crisis of Covid-19 has been managed in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is definitely one, not to say the best, pupil of the class with all due respect to some expats who do not share my opinion (if they read these words, they will recognize themselves ;)).

Covid-19How does Bulgaria manage the crisis ?

Just a few days after the first identified cases of Covid-19 virus, the decision to confine people at home was taken by the Bulgarian Government. This is probably the reason why the country has been able to control the growth of the pandemia (compared to the other countries).

Thus, on April 03, 2020, there are in Bulgaria, 457 Covid-19 confirmed cases, ie 35 cases additional compared to April 02, 2020. For 100,000 inhabitants, this represents 6.34 cases in Bulgaria, compared to 89,98 cases of Covid-19 in France.

As for deaths, on 03 April 2020, there were 10 deaths in Covid-19 in Bulgaria. It is 2.19 deaths per hundred cases of Covid-19 in Bulgaria. For comparison, this value is 4.03 in China (but we know the Chinese numbers are probably wrong), 12.07 in Italy and 8.96 in France.

As of April 7, 2020, 565 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus have been confirmed by the Bulgarian authorities, including 22 dead and 42 cured. Bulgaria remains relatively « unaffected » by the pandemic.

True, nothing is won yet, but it’s in the good direction. If we compare the numbers of Bulgaria with the ones of Italy, Spain or France, for sure, Bulgaria has been able to demonstrate its capacity to manage the crisis. For once, it looks like being a « small » country, with less interactions with the rest of the world has been a strong advantage!

Yes, it’s true ! The public health system is far to be the best in Europe (not in term of physicians but in terms of materials) but it works and so far, thanks to the measures taken by the government and the fact than citizens followed the rules, the system has been able to bear the situation.

Covid-19 – « The beautiful gesture » of Bulgaria.

Moreover, since yesterday, many articles have been published in France in the biggest news magazines. They a all applaud Bulgaria. They all speak about the Bulgarian example as « The beautiful gesture of Bulgaria ». Social networks ignite.

Indeed, an article of Le Figaro on 7 April, 2020, states that deputies and ministers gave their salaries to the public health system during this exceptional period. The donation from the deputies will amount to 1.44 million leva. So, they will give approximately 740,000 euros, for the period of confinement. Yes, it’s true, these are not billions of euros which are going to be given, but this is symbolic and unexpected to be honest. Some will say that it’s pure « marketing » from the political class. I would say that even if this was the case, the gesture is beautiful and not every country would do it…

Once again, I just one thing to say: Hats off!

The state of emergency having been extended until May 13. Bulgarian friends, stay at home.

Other articles (From France) : Le Parisien / 20Minutes / Le Figaro

Cover picture : Bulgarian deputies sitting in Parliament in Sofia (Photo illustration). AFP / Dimitar Dilkoff

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  1. My husband and I have read much about Bulgaria in the past several months, as we are planning to leave the United States and Bulgaria is one of the countries we would consider moving to, if we were allowed to. This article is very encouraging to us – there are decent people who live there! Thank you for having this website.

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