10 Bulgarian Meals Easy To Cook Daily

Bulgarian meals Madame Bulgaria

If you have visited Bulgaria you have probably been fascinated by the amazing nature and unique culture of this lovely place. We are sure this is also how you feel about the cuisine. That is why we would like to offer a list of 10 typical Bulgarian meals that are easy to make and will surely make you lick the plate. Enjoy!

Shopska salad (Shopska salata)

This is the most famous salad in Bulgaria and one of the most typical Bulgarian meals. It is extremely easy to make. Here is why it is present at almost every Bulgarian meal. An interesting fact about it is that it was named after the so-called shopi who are the local population living in and near Sofia. Shopska salad is made from onions and peppers, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, sprinkled with white cheese. 


Bulgarian meals Madame Bulgaria


This is a meatball of minced meat and spices. It is long and looks like a small sausage. It is grilled  – not fried. Bulgarians usually eat it with Shopska salad and chips sprinkled with Bulgarian cheese.


Similarly to the kebapche, it is a meatball made of minced meat and spices but it is round like a real meatball. In addition, in the meat are added chopped onions. You can grill, fry or bake it. Eat it with Shopska salad and chips with cheese.

Tarator Soup

The Bulgarian Tarator is a delicious traditional soup enjoyed by all Bulgarians. It’s a white cold soup very popular in Bulgaria, mainly in Summer because it refreshes. It is not eaten alone and often serves as a strat. The main ingredients of tarator are yogurt, cucumbers, spices and oil.


Bulgarian meals madame Bulgaria


Gyuvetche is one of our favorite traditional Bulgaria meals. Very savourous, it is also very easy to cook. It gets its name from the pottery dish that it is prepared and served in. It consists mainly of vegetables, a little meat but it is not an obligation – it can be vegetarian – and an egg.  You need goat cheese or feta cheese, 1 egg, any kind of cooked chicken, pork, beef or any kind of sausages (optional), vegetables (onion, tomatoe, red/green pepper, cooked potato, mushroom (optional), fresh greens: parsley or dill (or any herbs will also do), sunflower oil, black pepper, paprika and salt. Enjoy !



Moussaka is one of the most popular typical Bulgarian meals. It consists of potatoes, ground meat, tomatoes and white sauce for the topping. It is baked in the oven. This meal can also be found in the traditional greek cuisine however there’s no proof whether it’s in fact Bulgarian or greek. So if you are looking for something tasty that doesn’t take much time to prepare you might give it a tray, it tastes best with some yoghurt on top.


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Lozovi Sarmi

Another Bulgarian dish similar to a dish from the Greek cuisine. In which  however it is made of cabbage, are the so-called Lozovi sarmi. In Bulgaria they are made of grape stuffed with rice and minced meat and then boiled. They can be consumed hot or cold depending on how you prefer them better. Similarly to the moussaka they taste great with some yoghurt on top. 


Stuffed peppers 

This is another delicious and easy to prepare meal. As you can understand from its name – the meal consists of green or red peppers stuffed with beef or pork and rice. It is then  boiled. It is also a good idea to top the peppers with a seasoned tomato sauce or whisked eggs if you have time. Another way to prepare this meal is to fry the peppers and instead of topping them stuff them with cheese and whisked eggs. 


Bulgarian meals Madame Bulgaria

Sirene po shopski

Sirene po shopski is a traditional Bulgarian dish prepared with a few ingredients and simple technique yet it is extremely delicious. It consists of tomatoes and Bulgarian cheese baked in small earthenware pots with lids in which usually is made another traditional Bulgarian meal called gyuveche.



Mekitsa is a traditional Bulgarian dish made of kneaded dough with yogurt. It is deep fried. They are made with flour, eggs, yogurt, a leavening agent, water, salt, and oil and are usually served at breakfast. You can find many places where they are sold usually in the morning.


These are some of the most popular easy to make Bulgarian dishes. We hope that you’ve tasted most of them already. If you haven’t don’t waste any more time, and try to cook them as soon as possible!

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