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As you know, every evening during 6 weeks, we followed Bulgarian courses with the Suggestopedia Method at the Go Beyond Suggestopedia Center in Sofia. What’s more about the 6th and last week of Bulgarian class ? 

The last day was not really a « typical » day because we all had dinner together and we sang a lot. Viloeta, our teacher, and Bob, one of our Dutch classmate prepared some food and hot wine for that special dinner. It was absolutely delicious ! It was also a great opportunity to share our feelings and opinions about the class. For sure, all of us were happy of this great experience with Suggestopedia. An adventure that we all started on 14th of November and that we experienced for 6 full weeks. I was feeling a bit strange and a bit sad that last day because it was the end of this intense experience and I did not see the time to go. Three hours and a half of class every night for 6 weeks seem to be a lot, but on that last day, I could not believe that it was already over. I even don’t know where to start to share with you this experience. Every week, I tried to share with you what we did but now that I would like to summarize how I feel about this experience, it is really hard to find the words. First, I would like to say that I really enjoyed, and my husband too, this Bulgarian class. As I wrote in my first article, I did not know anything about Bulgarian before and I have to say that this course allowed me to make my first steps in this very difficult language.I also would like to say that the method is really designed for people to acquire a lot of knowledge without « feeling » it because even if it is very intensive, the way it is designed allows you to not feel exhausted when you go home. If you are thinking about taking this class and you feel you are a morning person and you can afford to take it in the morning, then I would advice you to take the morning class because I think you can even benefit more out of it. But, if like me, you can take it only in the evening, then, it’s going to work also but I think you will need to furnish a bit more effort after the end of the class. For example, I will now go over all the material that Violeta gave us and that I did not really have time to review everyday when I had class. I learnt a lot, but I know that the learning process will continue now. As well, for some people, the method really delivers its full potential a few weeks after the class when the brain strarted to rest a bit. The songs we learnt also helped a lot. While I was on holidays for Christmas in Austria and walking in the streets of Vienna, I had some of the songs coming to my mind. I learnt the vocabulary without even doing any effort. My husband, who already spoke some Bulgarian before starting the suggestopedia is also very happy of this experience. Like me, he would have prefered to take the morning class because he is also a « morning person » but he said that the class of the evening was not bad at all. He will also go over all the materials from next week and review everything we did during these 6 weeks. Globally, the experience was very positive and if I had to do it again, we would definitely sign up for it again. We will both miss Violeta and our classmates but for sure, we will see each others again J.

More informations about Bulgarian for foreigners courses here / Facebook page / Contact : / Address : 10 Yoan Ekzarh Str. (behind hotel Hemus), Sofia, Bulgaria / About the dates of the next session : 16th of January, 9:30am – 1:00pm and 13th of February, 6:30pm – 10:00pm, during 6 weeks, with Violeta Kalapova, Suggestopedic Teacher in Bulgarian for Foreigners / Phone : 0887 860 981

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Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

  1. hi, Marie, I have read about suggestopedia, I am a mother and my son is growing in two languajes simulstaniously, I would like to know more about the course, the cost, i want to improve my english and Lebanease to lead my son in the process, I would like to travel to Bulgaria to engage with the subject, Could you deep into please?

    1. Hi Ale,

      Thank you for you message. Last november, I booked a session of 90 hours in Bulgarian, 3 hours per day (it can be on the morning of at the evening, as you want), 4 days per week, at Go Behond Suggestopedia Center in Sofia. The center propose courses in French, Deutch, English and Bulgarian. I took a session in Bulgaria of course 😉 and it was very interesting for me because Suggestopedia Method was very adapted to my needs. I needed a real first approach to the language without having to learn tons of words. I did not know anything in Bulgarian language and I did not want to start with traditional lessons. The lessons are organized around plays, dances, songs, each at his own pace, in a very friendly atmosphere. If you want to have more information, I give you the contact of my Violeta, my bulgarian teacher, very friendly and helpful. More about her courses :сугестопедичен-център-go-beyond/екип/виолета-калъпова/
      Her mail : vkalapova@gmail com.

      Have a nice day.


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