If we decided to work out of office today ?

Tired of working « shut in » ? What do you think about work out of office, in a garden, hearing the little birds and feeling the sunshine slip on your face ? The Credo Bonum Foundation offers you for a few days the possibility to work elsewhere, outside and perhaps even other. Look at this, now. 

What a good idea ! What a good idea ! I’m totally fan and you can see it. I used to work at home, sometimes alone, without garden and without enjoying the sunshine. In summer, because the weather is very sunny in Bulgaria, I would like to work out of office, to settle in public space, on a coffee terrace or on an outside connected place to work but it’s never the good time for me (just a pretext I think or because all the public places are not adapted to work…, no free wifi, etc.). The Credo Bonum Foundation, in Sofia, Bulgaria, seems to have found an interesting idea to work elsewhere than in your usual workspace.

The initiative called « Out of Office » is an open office in a garden for everyone, from 13th to the 22th of July. Temporary but just a few days is something very good. Of course, this space is not suitable for all kind of business. The Credo Bonum Foundation has set a target also here to observe the profile of the people who come here and their trades.

I had to see that, urgently. So, I decided to spend few hours this morning in this atypical space. Arrived on the spot early (I was the first), at 9:15 am, I was very nice welcomed by Simeon Vassilev, one of the organizers of the « Out of Office » session. Just enough time to take some pictures about the place before people start arriving. The space is super well converted, and there are lot of places to work. It’s possible to be 30 workers here, maybe more. Drinks (water, coffee, carrot juice, etc.) are available for free. The garden is free for all people who want to change their usual working conditions to work in an urban landscape. The outside working space provide all the necessary working conditions, as WIFI, access to electric power for mobile devices, furnitures designed by Peter Torniov and various relaxation facilities, with even the possibility to make a nap… Just perfect, I can say : « What else! ».

I could write my article in wonderful relaxed conditions. So, definitely, it was a real pleasure to stay here to work.

This nice initiative has the goal to show us the benefits of working in nature associated with reducing stress and improve physical health. According to some international studies, the new working conditions celebrated by the Credo Bonum Foundation, like working in nature, make us more productive, more concentrated, less stressed, and generally improve the quality of our work and creativity.

During this 10 days (less now -> even 3 days : wed/thu/fri), there will be some special events organized on this place, as publics debates, interventions, degustations, etc., and the possibility to meet lot of interesting people here.

Price : it’s FREE (Youppppiiiii !)

Opening time : Temporary initiative (13/07 – 22/07), 9:00am – 10:00pm

Special events : After 6:00pm, some events will be organized according to the idea « what doing after work ? », through some activities proposed on the place (beer testing, board games playing, etc.). Check the program of the Open Office initiative (in Bulgarian).

Address : 16 Krakra Street, Sofia 1000 / http://www.credobonum.bg (in Bulgarian) / Facebook page / +359(0) 28 159 619

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Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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