5 Of The Best Places To Have Brunch In Sofia (Miam!)

Brunch Sofia Bulgaria

If you have put Sofia in your traveling list or are already here, you are probably planning how to spend some good time in this small but beautiful Eastern European capital.

However, apart from deciding which museums to go to and experiencing the nightlife of the city, you need to think about one more vital part of your trip. I am talking about food, one of the key factors for having a great journey.

So, if you’ve woken up late on a lazy Saturday morning after touring around the city all day and night and you’re wondering where in Sofia to have brunch this weekend, I might have some interesting ideas to share with you. Read on to find out which are the five best places to have brunch at based on the opinion of local people and tourists.

Mekitsa & Coffee and Domashna Banitsa BakeryThe traditional Bulgarian breakfast

If you do not zlready know what is a Mektisa, this is a simple yet incredibly delicious deep-fried dish made of kneaded dough and yogurt. It’s a part of the traditional Bulgarian breakfast that every local or tourist would be glad to have at least once a week. SO, if you are interested in trying (are you ready to become a Mektisa’s addict ?), you should go to have your next brunch in Sofia in Mekitsa & Coffee –a beautiful and cozy place specialized in preparing this kind of breakfast. It offers various selection of tasty sweet and savory mekitsa at very reasonable prices. Address / Facebook

Brunch Sofia Bulgaria
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Another typical Bulgarian breakfast is the so-called banitsa, which is a form of popular börek. If you want to enjoy eating this bulgarian delicacy, you could do it in Domashna Banitsa Bakery, near the Eagle’s bridge. It’s a nice place where you can try domashna (domashna  means home-made in Bulgarian) banitsa, prepared there for you by extremely kind and friendly staff. Enjoy your next brunch here. Address

Rainbow Factory – A real brunch factory

If you think you’ve already had enough of the delicious traditional Bulgarian meals and miss eating a tasty, typical brunch Rainbow factory is the place to offer it to you. Located in the city’s center not far from the Eagle’s bridge and Sofia University, this place is famous for serving lots of different salads and sandwiches, cakes, drinks, and most importantly all kinds of brunch foods.  Address / Facebook

Brunch Sofia Bulgaria
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Brick Café Sofia Brunch and food from all over the world

Brick Cafe is a lovely cafe located in one of the most preferred residential districts of Sofia, called Iztok. The cafe is well-known in the city. As brunch, you can savor american pancakes with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream, eggs, cheese cakes, cheddar and bacon omellete, French toast with maple syrup and vanilla icecream … The place serves food from all over the world as well as delicious brunch at weekends from 11 to 18:00. Address / Facebook

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Bistro 16 Last but not least

If you are looking for fresh and healthy food and good coffee and tea, the right place for you is Bistro 16. This place is a pearl in the center of Sofia. It offers a menu with incredible meals and Bulgarian-style delicacies such as yogurt with oatmeal cookies and jam. Everything there is fresh, which makes the place a preferred destination for having your breakfast there. And one more important thing – the staff is exceptionally kind and welcoming ! Address / Facebook

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I hope this information has been useful and you have already tried some of the meals offered in these places in the heart of Sofia. And, if you haven’t yet, I hope you get the chance to experience the fantastic food there as soon as possible. Bon appétit !

Picture cover : @Rainbow Factory

Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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