We Tested the Sleeper Train From Varna To Sofia

Last week, to travel between Varna and Sofia, we decided to book a night in a sleeper train. We absolutely did not know what to expect. Below our feedback about our first sexy experience in a Bulgarian train.

More pictures below the article – It’s been a long time since we wanted to try the Varna – Sofia trip in a sleeper train. After the car, the bus, and the plane (definitely, the safest and fastest way to join the 2 cities), we decided to travel with the last way we did not try, the train. We did not have any idea about what to expect. Even when asking around us, not many people traveled by train in Bulgaria.

The train trip Varna-Sofia (or Sofia-Varna) is about 8 hours. The train leaves and arrives on time. The employees are very nice. They point you to the right sleeping cabin. Apples are given (we don’t know if it’s usual or is the lady just liked us :)). Our cabin was super clean as well as the common areas. We were positively impressed. A bed sheet, a blanket and a clean pillow are at our disposal. The cabins have AC, there are shutters and a key to close your cabin. Your privacy is preserved. You can even get naked.

This train gave us lots of ideas ! A small washbasin allows passengers to refresh before and after the trip. Also, there is a shower cabin in the wagon. During the night, the wagon was very quiet. Nobody was making noise. The train itself does not make much noise. The stops in train stations are also very fast. Less than a minute. 

For your information, there are 3 categories of tickets (second class, first class, and business class), the cabins are the same. The only difference is the number of people you will travel with.

Cabins can take up to 3 passengers and if you book second class, you’ll travel with 2 other people. If you want to book a cabin for yourself and you are alone, then, you need to book business class. If you’re a couple and want to book a cabin for only 2 people, you need to book first class. In other words, if you travel with 2 friends, you can book second class and still travel with your two friends (males or females).

If you do not book the whole cabin, men and women can’t travel together. So, for example, if you’re a couple and book second class, you’ll not be able to travel together because there might be a third passenger added to your cabin. You can’t mix men and women together in the same cabin if they don’t travel together. This means that a lady alone, booking second class will eventually only travel with two other stranger ladies, she can’t be place in a cabin with two men that she does not know. So, we are very satisfied with this journey. 

More : Website (English) / Price : 40BGN / Possibility to book online (limited places to one train wagon)

Sleeper Train Bulgaria

Sleeper Train Bulgaria

Sleeper Train Bulgaria

Sleeper train Bulgaria

Sleeper Train Bulgaria

Sleeper Train Bulgaria

Sleeper Train Bulgaria Sleeper Train Bulgaria

Sleeper Train Bulgaria

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Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

  1. This was a great post, and very needed! There’s not much to read about trains in Bulgaria on the internet. I’m interested how were the toilets?:D And was there a restaurant in the train?

    1. Thank you Elina. To answer to your questions, the toilets were clean at the moment where we traveled. We did not see any restaurant in the train ;-). If we missed this, shame of us, we love test atypical place to have lunch/diner ;-). Enjoy your trip !

  2. Marie, I think, you have very accurate information about this train line. I do not know what is the state of this line at this moment, but two years ago I often traveled by sleeper train Sofia-Varna and backword Varna-Sofia, maybe once a month for period of nearly three years. My impressions were the same. I like to travel with this train in this direction. I wish you to have so pleasant moments in Bulgaria! Good luck! Miro

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