The 6 Most Delicious Ice Cream Places In Sofia

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Summer is not the only season when you might enjoy a delicious ice cream in Sofia. Whatever the weather, all occasions are good for a good ice cream. This is our philosophy. Here are our 6 best ice cream places in Sofia to indulge a sweet tooth.

We like ice cream, so much that we eat it for any occasion, even when it is cold, very cold. Below are our 6 ice cream places in Sofia that we like to go.


Afreddo Caffetteria & Gelateria

For a lot of people, among the best ice cream places in Sofia. Also the first ice cream shop that we discovered in Sofia. Located on the Vitosha Boulevard, the main pedestrian avenue, it is a pleasure for onlookers and tourists. The Afreddo Caffetteria & Gelateria offers a nice range of authentic ice creams that you can savor in a cone or pot, by walking or sitting on the terrace in front. 

Facebook / Address / Price : 3-4 BGN


Savini Gelato

Ice cream places in Sofia Bulgaria, Madame Bulgaria
@SaviniGelato – Sofia, Bulgaria

We have all dreamed once a time of savoring a real 100% natural ice cream – without ready mixes, coloring and palm fat. They did it. Savini Gelato was launched with one desire : stop eating industrial products. There, the ice cream is healthy and handmade. All fruits must be washed, peeled and pasted. Milk and cream are pasteurized at low temperature to kill the dangerous bacteria and keep the good. They measure the amount of sugar carefully to create a delicious and balanced ice cream. The tastes are inspired by the journeys of the founders. This is how bizarre combinations such as Tart Tate with Calvados and Crème Fraîche are born. You are vegan ? here, your will also find vegan ice cream. This is one of the most authentic ice cream places in Sofia, you say ?

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Cafe Wien

Ice Cream Places In Sofia Bulgaria
@Madamebulgaria – Cafe Wien –  Sofia, Bulgaria

The Cafe Wien takes place in a mansion in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the Bulgarian capital, near to the historical Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Here, the menu offers delicious ice creams that you will savor in a Viennese atmosphere. Cafe Wien stays one of our favorite ice cream places in Sofia. 

Facebook / Address / Price : 7 BGN


Gelateria Naturale

Ice Cream Places In Sofia Bulgaria
@GelateriaNatural – Sofia, Bulgaria

This address is among the most attractive ice cream places in Sofia and also one of our favorite ones. Located in the vibrant Tsar Shishman street, in the heart of Sofia, you will find there 100% natural gella – dairy, vegan flavors, as well as sorbet. It was the first time we tasted a so tasty sorbet. And the place is cool ! Make a stop there, you will be not disappointed.

Facebook / Website / Address / Price : 3 BGN


Gelato & Latte

Ice Cream Places In Sofia Bulgaria
@Gelato&Latte – Sofia Bulgaria

Be careful, the Instagram of this ice cream « Place to be » will make you crazy. The pictures are so tasty and in real it’s even better. The ice cream is produced and prepared daily on site. The milk is from its own herd of Jersey cows and Murrah buffalos is delivered straight from the farm to the Gelato Lab where the gelato is made and presented to you in a variety of seasonal flavors. That good reasons to taste the address. 

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Gelateria Confetti

Ice Cream Places In Sofia Bulgaria
@GelateriaConfetti – Sofia, Bulgaria

Who does not know this ice cream place in Sofia ? Even if you can go there to enjoy a pizza or an other Italian meal, this address is also known for his delicious ice cream offering a wide range of flavors. Sure, you will find your happiness in Gelateria Confetti.

Facebook / Instagram / Address / Price : 3 BGN


Cover picture : @Savini Gelato, Ice cream spot in Sofia, Bulgaria 

Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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