Kapana, the trendy district of Plovdiv which rises

Kapana Plovdiv

Plovdiv, the European Capital of Culture for 2019, shines in each and every part. For some time, with massive 3-year joint efforts of the Plovdiv Municipality, it is the former district of Kapana that makes talk about it. Come to stroll in the most trendy place of the city. 

Located just a few minutes by walk from the main street in Plovdiv, Kapana (literal translation: “The Trap”) is the district of Plovdiv which keeps rising. I’ve been to Plovdiv the first time in september 2013, but I never heard of this area until June 2016 when I saw on Facebook lot of nice and fun pictures shared, during the summer and the “Art weekend” Events, of people flanking the terraces of cafes of this district became trendy.

Kapana PlovdivPhoto Euvie Ivanova

I was totally surprised do not know this district and thought have seen the main places to visit in Plovdiv. But, it was not the case ! Plovdiv has its super IN district and I was not even aware ! So I started to read articles in Bulgarian about this district searching on the web and decided to (re)visit Plovdiv two months ago, during the St Trifon Zarezan. I learned that since a few last years, Kapana has turned into one of the most remarkable districts of Plovdiv. Highly artistic, Kapana has always been. In fact, it emerged as a centre for craftsmen 5 centuries ago and the street names remind you (Kozhuharska (Leather Str), etc..).


With massive 3-year joint efforts of the Plovdiv Municipality who wanted to revive the district making it a real art centre and a districted dedicated to creative and contemporary industries, the place gets a youth. It is in the process of becoming a dynamics and popular landmark of contemporary creators and entrepreneurs. Modern and upgraded, Kapana saves the architectural and craft memories of the past and gives a chance for new perspectives. Very interesting ! 


Now more than 80% of the little streets are part of the city’s pedestrian zone (and very soon 100%). You can stroll quietly on the streets and impregnate you with the highly artistic spirit. So, You will have probably need to make a stop in each coffee, restaurant and bar of the District but keep calm, it’s normal ! Remember you that Kapana is a “Trap”, a very nice trap, the kind of we would like to have every day and residents or regulars are so cool. Therefore do not deprive you of anything. Tiny buildings are colourfully painted and full of life with people smiling everywhere in the street, in their craftshop or on the terraces of restaurants or cafe. Some parts of the district remind me some very trendy ones in France, as the very famous “Le Marais” District in Paris. We feel good here ! If you are searching a nice place to eat, there are lot of very nice and friendly place and sure you will be very very well welcomed. Among those, I can to recommend you the Pavag Restaurant (Maps), where I ate 2 times during my last weekend in Plovdiv. The restaurant offer a simple but very fresh and delicious local menu, each dish (average price : 7 leva/3,5€) being prepared with vegetables from the Pavag own garden, and the Parisians would love this place for this own garden. With a score of 4,5/5 (250 appreciations) on Tripadvisor, I approve. 


After a delicious fresh and friendly dish, you can stroll on the district in which you will find in galleries, workshops, ateliers, cozy shops, studios, as well as other art spaces, and also a vinyl shop ! “All these places fill “Kapana” with modern cultural content not only with their daily activities but also organizing events with social, economic and cultural effect for the city” (www.visitplovdiv.com). Make a stop to drink a beer in the very design and contemporary bar Cat and Mouse, where you can choose amongst more than 100 varieties of beers – Belgian, Czech, German, Serbian, Irish, Bulgarian craft beer and many more. If by discovering this bar you feel like you are in the trendy New York district called SOHO, well you are in Kapana and it is even better ! Also, the most public places have a free wifi access. It is also easy to organize “out of office” session in Kapana. 


Concerts, exhibitions, festivals, forums, brainstorming sessions and discussions, theatrical performances, art installations, screenings, workshops and many more are all events organized in this very active district. So get in touch following the Kapana programme.

Where to stay ? It is very easy to organize a little visit of this district after having spent time in the Old Town. Do not hesitate to read ou article about our 2 favorite hotels to stay during a trip in Plovdiv (One of which is a 5-minute walk from the district). More : Kapana District Map

Have you ever been in Kapana District ? Share with us your best plans. 

Kapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivKapanaKapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivKapana PlovdivPhoto, Polina Ilieva




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