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Plovdiv Hotels

Plovdiv is the second largest Bulgarian city, after Sofia the capital, located at only 150km East and offers a very long and interesting history and an impressive architecture. During your trip in Bulgaria, make a break in Plovdiv, we share with you our 2 favorites places to stay. 

After the article « Where to stay in Sofia » that you can read here, I decided to also make an article about where to stay in Plovdiv, the Europan capital of Culture in 2019. If I have time to go to Varna before summer, I will also try to make an article about where to stay in Varna, the third largest city of the country and the biggest one when it comes to summer hollidays on the beach. So, concerning hotels where to stay in Plovdiv, I followed the same methodology as in Sofia except that I selected only 2 hotels, as the town is smaller. I decided to go for two totally different hotels, the first is a luxury one with international standing and the second one is a family one and both having their own qualities and advantages. Follow the guide 😉

Imperial Plovdiv Hotel&SPA : Luxury in the heart of Plovdiv

Plovdiv Hotel

The hotel Imperial Plovdiv Hotel&SPA is probably one of the most luxury one in town. Located at only 15 minutes walking distance from the old town, the hotel also provides a transportation to the center for free if you ask for it in advance. The personnel is really nice and professional and really helpful. They speak many languages including a bit of French which always can be useful. The rooms are really large and well equipped and this was a real pleasure to spend the night there. They also have a restaurant with a large and diverse breakfast buffet which helps you start the day on the right foot. Last but not least, for only 20 levas, guests can access a wonderful spa with steam bath, sauna and Jacuzzi. This is a real pleasure to be able to relax in such conditions after a training session in the very well equipped fitness room of the hotel. Must : it is also the place where the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu stays when he comes to Plovdiv.

More : Price :  137 levas (70€) breakfast included / 4017 Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 6, Lev Tolstoy str./ 1A, Arch.Kamen Petkov str. / / +359 32 600 730 / / SPA Fee : 20 levas (10€) / Facebook

Plovdiv HotelsPlovdiv HotelPlovdiv HotelPlovdiv HotelPlovdiv HotelPlovdiv HotelPlovdiv HotelPlovdiv Hotel


Alafrangite HotelThe family hotel as at home in Old Town 

Plovdiv Hotels

The second hotel I slept in , Alafrangite Hotel, was located in the very heart of the old town. So, you just need to get out of the hotel to be in the old town which is definitely  a great advantage. The hotel allows guests to park in the underground garage which can take up to 6 cars so if you need to park, no problem, but I would advice to mention it to the manager at least a few days before check-in in order for him to reserve you a spot. For sure, if you visit Plovdiv in the low season, no need to mention it ahead of time as you will probably be one of the rare guest in the hotel. So, definitely, the fact to be in the heart of the old town and to be able to park is a huge advantage that this hotel offers. As well, I really appreciated the family atmosphere of the hotel which is owned by one family. It is always appreciable to feel that there is a real soul in a place where you will stay for a few days. The breakfast was also very nice and very typical which for tourists willing to discover Bulgarian culture and so Bulgarian cuisine is always a good thing. Must : the owner speak also French. 

More : Price : 60 levas (30€) breakfast included / Bulgaria, c. Plovdiv str. « K. Nektariev » 13-17, Old Town / / +359 32 62 09 83 / / Facebook

Plovdiv HotelsPlovdiv Hotels
Plovdiv Hotels
Plovdiv HotelsPlovdiv HotelsPlovdiv Hotels
Plovdiv Hotels
Plovdiv Hotels

I would finish on the many qualities of this hotel by mentioning something which is rare enough in Bulgaria to be highlighted. The bedrooms were with wood, tiles, and not with carpet as it is usually the case in Bulgaria. I really want to highlight it because in France for example, it is now a European regulation that hotels cannot have carpet in the bedrooms. I do not know why this E.U regulation does not apply in Bulgaria but for sure, this little hotel is following the E.U standards very well and it is a guarantee of hygiene.

 Have an amazing trip in Plovdiv !

Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.


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