Top 6 Favorite Tourist Activities To Do In Bulgaria

Bulgaria Tourism

Offering beaches as beautiful as those of Spain, but much less crowded, as well as different landscapes, Bulgaria has not shortage of assets to seduce tourist. Discover the Top 6 favorite tourist activities to do in Bulgaria.

Member of European Union since 2007, Bulgaria is attracting more and more tourists from all over the world. Offering incredible landscapes, Bulgaria doesn’t lack asset to charm the tourist with profile become more and more diversified. In 2017, almost 9 million foreign tourists traveled in Bulgaria, more than the inhabitants the country has. The tourists was about 1.2 million in the first quart of 2018 to visit Bulgaria. Below, these 6 main attractions.

  1. Let’s slip on the Bulgarian ski slopes

From January to March, that’s where all it’s happening in Bulgaria. Offering very nice ski areas with many slopes for all levels and kinds of skiing, the most famous Bulgarian ski resorts keep attracting more and more foreign tourists every year. The spots are of quality and more and more hotels are adapting to international standing. Borovetz, Pamporovo and Bansko are among the most attractive ski resorts where you can slide with fun. Discover more about the Borovetz ski resort. 

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  2. Enjoying a short weekend in Sofia, the vibrant Bulgarian capital

Capital of Bulgaria since 1879, Sofia is a growing tourist destination, by attracting more and more tourists from all over the world. Europe’s second-oldest city, founded 7000 years ago, Sofia is no large metropolis, but it’s a largely modern, youthful with a very pleasant city center.

The capital offers a sweet atmosphere that makes it unique. With its 32 city parks, 1400 cultural monuments and landmarks, its numerous thematic festival-cultural events, Sofia was « among the top 3 cities in Europe with the highest growth of international visitors for the period 2009 – 2016, with an average increase of 9.4% », according to Mastercard report “Global Destination Cities Index”, published in September 2017 (87.2% : holiday tourism – 12.8% : business).

In 2017, the lovely Bulgarian capital welcomed almost 900 000 foreign tourists. Discover our « Must Do » On A Short Break To Sofia.  

Sofia Tourist Bulgaria Activities
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  3. Visiting Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities in Europe

According to Lonely Planet, Plovdiv is at 6th place in the « Top 10 cities in the world », and listed under #3 in « Тop 10 most beautiful ancient cities in the world ». With its 8-millennia history, Plovdiv is one of the oldest European cities, enjoying an impressive historical heritage. It is the first ever Bulgarian city chosen to be a center of the European culture for a whole year, in 2019. Every year, the wonderful city that we also like to call « The coolest city in Europe » is being visited by over 800 000 tourists. Discover Our 10 Reasons To Visit Plovdiv.

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In 2017, almost 9 million foreign tourists traveled in Bulgaria, more than the inhabitants the country has.


  4. Relaxing on the Bulgarian sandy beaches

It is not a discovery, since a long time, Bulgaria is mainly known for its Black Sea coastline which has long stretches of sandy beaches with hotels, traditional fishing villages and historical sites. A 378 km long coastal line including 140 km occupied by 78 beaches, welcome every year millions of tourists. If you are searching for a summer attractive spot with an international standing, opt for Golden Sands area and Burgas region. Its long stretches of sandy beaches are the pleasure of tourists looking for a rest. Nessebar,  Sozopol or Balchik, will be a better choice for the authenticity and history enthusiasts. Then, Varna and Burgas cities are also both famous for summer festivals and night-life. 

Nessebar Tourist Bulgaria Activities
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  5. Discovery of the Bulgarian treasures

Bulgaria has many cultural, religious and historical treasures that make it one of Europe’s most historic countries. Thousands of history buffs travel every year to discover Bulgarian’s treasures. The Cathedral Alexander Nevski in Sofia, the Old Plovdiv, the Old Veliko Tarnovo, the Belogradtchik fortress, the Old Nessebar and Sozopol, etc. One of them, the Rila Monastery, is the Bulgaria’s most famous monastery for 1000 years, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1983. In 2017, the Rila Monastery has attracted a record-high number of visitors and pilgrims, exceeding one million. Discover the Wonderful Rila Monastery in 20 Pictures.

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   6. Wine lovers, let’s go to the tasting of Bulgarian wines

Wine tourism already developed in other countries is becoming more important in Bulgaria as well. Producers in Melnik, in the south-east and in the Thrace Valley have developed reception facilities and local guides. Varna and Plovdiv areas also count many prestigious wineries with promising and quality wines. More and more wine enthusiasts are offering visits to wineries and different kinds of tastings to the international tourists. Do not wait anymore to discover the delicious Bulgarian wines. 

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Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

  1. Congrats Marie! Beautiful work! Should I be ashamed or happy? Probably, both. Being away for 40 years, living in the Western World, never realized ’till this moment, how beautiful my birth place was. I will visit soon or stay for good. Thanks Marie!

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