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Few days ago, we answered questions from Georgi Asenov, a reporter for the famous Bulgarian National TV channel in Bulgaria as part of the Europresidency. His questions naturally concerned Bulgaria, our country of heart for more than 4 years. Below, find the English reproduction of the article and all our answers in English.


Title : « In France it is unacceptable for people with five languages to be in call centers »

The French woman Marie Pietzak, who has been living for 4 years in Bulgaria, is more popular with her English-language « Madame Bulgaria ». In it, it shows the most interesting, in her opinion, remarkable and exotic places of the country. Before living in Sofia with her husband – also a Frenchman, she grew up in a town near Lille. Attracted by delicious cuisine and beautiful scenery, Marie decides to change her life, risks and lives here. In her webzine, focused mainly on Europeans who have decided to visit Bulgaria, all kinds of information can be found. When is the best time to visit our country, the places that must be seen and of course what to try from the different and irresistible local culinary delicacies. Here’s what she told us about herself in love with Mary – Marie!


   1. What did you know about our country before you come here ?

To be honest, absolutely nothing apart these 3 facts : 1. My grand mother had visited Burgas, on the Black Sea, many years ago during the communist period ; 2. Sylvie Vartan is Bulgarian; 3. Bulgaria was apparently a poor country.


   2. Whats the first thing that you were most impressed here in Bulgaria ?

The intelligence of the people and their general culture. Bulgaria is definitely for me one of the country where people are the most cultured and educated in Europe, without exaggeration. Some people who apply to jobs in call centers for example earned a master degree, sometimes a PhD, and sometimes speak up to 5 languages! In France, most of the people applying for these types of job even did not graduate High School. Some people might think that this is a symptom that the social lift does not work well in Bulgaria. To us, it seems that if we have more qualified people for these types of jobs it’s just because, generally speaking, most Bulgarians are very well educated so the probability to find highly qualified people applying for these jobs is higher than in France for example. As I said, there is a lot of potential here and it would be a pity to waste it. Something needs to change.

Balaban Wine Bar Sofia Bulgaria
@MadameBulgaria Arichive – Balaban Wine Bar Sofia Bulgaria


   3. What are the things in your opinion need to be improved in Sofia and Bulgaria in general ?

Bulgaria is a country that has the resources it needs to succeed and win on the European stage. The Bulgarians must definitely realize that only their determination to act in this way, through their actions and struggles, will guide their country towards better days. They must think more as « we » rather than « I » and they need to anticipate more if they want to build a sustainable future.


   4. What are the differences and the common things between French people and Bulgarians ?

The quality of the food ;-). In Bulgaria like in France, people love to cook and are proud of their culinary and gastronomic traditions. I could not live in a country without this art to live and to share.


Plovdiv Bulgaria Madame Bulgaria
@MadameBulgaria Archive – Plovdiv Old Town


   5. Tell us about the meeting with Maxim Brugnon ?

I met Maxim at a party that I organized in town and I discovered he was doing a European tour and Sofia was his first stop. In addition, he was drawing and I got the idea find a place to expose his drawings.


   6. How did people react when you telling him that you are Madame Bulgaria and you have a blog about the country ?

Bulgarian are very impressed because French people love their country. At the beginning, I was impressed by their reaction because I didn’t believe that it was so important for them and then I realized that Bulgarians tend to value more the opinion of foreigners rather than of their fellow citizens. 


   7. Whats the first word that you learn in Bulgarian ? Whats the last one too ?

Shopska salad – mnogo


   8. Can you tell us more about your job here in Sofia ?

I’m currently consulting an American-Bulgarian firm currently established in Bulgaria and expanding in several countries. My mission is to run a deep and wide market research to help the CEO in making a decision on the best strategy to follow to keep growing in the best conditions.


Madame Bulgaria
@MadameBulgaria Archive


   9. If you had to choose another country to live in which is it gonna be ?

Very hard to say because I feel really good here and I don’t see any other country at this stage. Maybe Italy, for the food.


   10. And finally, tell us something that you always wanted to say but you didn’t had the opportunity in Bulgarian ?

I will probably chock you but I would like to know how to say « Fuck you! » in Bulgarian when I see how people drive 🙂


To read the Bulgarian version of this article published by the Bulgarian National Television the 17th of September 2018, click here.

Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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