Wine Rosé & Paint Event : Sweet, Pink & Artsy

Wine and paint

The Bulgarian wine is good and promising, and the interest of Bulgarians for their wine continues to grow. So, what’s more fun than discovering it through a very friendly and creative activity like painting. Light on one of these new trend of testing with the « Wine and Paint » events destined to meet the success. 

It was « Something pink, something sweet, something artsy », and it already gave us envy. I participated the last week to a very interesting event called « Wine & Paint. rosé theme /paint/ wine tasting » in Sofia organized by Wineo and Rosso, whose founders are totally in love with Bulgarian wine (and us too!). The first one is a wine shop which promotes Bulgarian wine (« only ! »). The second one is a the only painting bar in Sofia. They associated together for a very special wine tasting event Wine Rosé and Paint for ladies. I love this kind of events and I did not really know what to expect of this one. In fact, I do not paint specially well (when I paint an apple it looks like a strawberry…) and when I saw the pictures of the last events, I was really impressed by the beautiful paintings realized by the guests who participated. I was not sure to paint as well but I said to myself that the main thing was to participate. Of course, I felt very well welcomed by the team and others participants, a glass of delicious wine rosé (the wine of the tasting) in the hands. 

Wine and paint

The Bulgarian wines were proposed by Wineo and were all very delicious, sweet, fruity and fresh. So, a delight ! We all installed ourselves in front of our still white canvas in order to start the reproduction of the model while continuing to taste Bulgarian wines Rosé (5 in total). 

Wine and paint

Among the wines Rosé, I remember first the one with a magic name in french Sintica La Poesie Rose 2015, very nice, from Struma River valley. We tasted also Via Verde Expressions Rose 2015 and Orbelia Via Aristotelis Rose 2016 also from the same region in Bulgaria. Then, Malkata Zvezda Rose 2016 and Bratanov Rose Maria 2015 from Sakar and Eastern Rhodopes (click on the name to get more info about it),  All bottle labels are very nice and colored and have been designated by Silvana from Wineo where you can find all those wines Rosé. Must : This month is the month of the Rose wines -5% and addicionally -5% with Rosso promo code. 

Wine and paint

A local artist guided us step by step through the beautiful painting while the wine expert helped us refine our palates with some of the finest bulgarian rosé on the market. I love the idea because apart from the quality of the wines and the originality of the concept, the atmosphere with others guests is very very friendly and relaxing. 

Wine and paint

The lady sitting on my right helped me to translate from Bulgarian to English and showed me how to do. Her paint was beautiful, she was really gifted. It was a very nice moment, definitely. 

Wine and paint

You have never been ? Come have fun and good time at the next event on April 5, « Women Wine Wednesday » (more info here)

And you, what do you think about the concept ? 

Where : Rosso, ul. Rusaliyski pro hod 13, 1000 Sofia / More :  Admission fee : 55 lv (really, it is not expensive because the price includes materials for painting and tasting of a selection of 5 wines and a glass of your favorite wine / The spots are limited. Reserve yours on +359 87 790 0963 or / Check the next eventsFacebook 

About Wineo : Ivan Denkoglu 22, 1000 Sofia / Bulgarian wine shop / / +359 87 888 0890 / Facebook / This month is the month of the Rose wines -5% and additionally -5% with Rosso promo code.

Pictures from Jenny Ivanova 
Wine and paintWine and paintWine and paintWine and paintWine and paintWine and paintWine and paintWine and paint Wine and paint Wine and paintWine and paintWine and paint

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