Join HOT – Room For Professional Audience In Sofia

Join HOT – room for professional audience, a pilot program that creates space for discursive practices around contemporary dance, choreography and performance, the 8, 9, 15, and 16th June at Etud Gallery in Sofia – Bulgaria. What to know about this fabulons event !

HOT – room for professional audience, invites the audience to join as the main practitioner and co-developer in the development of this field of art. The program is scheduled to take place at the Etud Gallery, an alternative space for contemporary dance performance and choreography. The idea is to create an intimate, comfortable setting in which the dance can be shared, discussed and exhibited, giving space to analyze and dream about.

After the initiation of the program « Poetic Bodies », Stream Room – alternative choreographic center launches a new program HOT – room for professional audience ! In short, this is a a program for development of professional audience which focuses on creating contexts for collective critical analyses, artistic practices exchange and exploration of feedbacking systems.

The eventproposes three different formats that promote dialogue, discussion and sharing :

Sharing practices

Within a workshop situation, local artists will physically share and explore their artistic practices with professionals and all the curious ones, (so called wider audience). A collective reflection will follow afterwards.   

Meet the artist

Local artists will present/perform their artistic practices to an audience followed by a public discussion where we will engage in the means of what has been presented.

Reading circle

With structured reading practices, the event will engage in the analysis of theory approached through contemporary dance, choreography and performance.

As program wrap up, the organizers propose a public panel discussion around the needs and desires within contemporary dance, choreography and performance field, analyzing structural issues and working towards better conditions of our profession.

HOT - room for professional audience

Concerning the schedule, HOT – room for professional audience will take place the 8, 9, 15 and 16th of June. Check it bellow (on the card) :

To book for participation to the event : Please send an e-mail with the theme: « HOT room » mentionning your three names, your phone number and the format you want to participate in. No limit to the number of formats in which you can join.

Deadline for registration for 8th and 9th June: 6th June 2019. Deadline for registration for June 15 and 16: June 13, 2019. The participants are determined by the date and time of sending their application forms. The places are limited. Entrance Free of charge.

Adress : ETUD Gallery in Sofia

More information about the participants and the program visit the, as well as the Facebook and instagram pages.

More : Production: Garage – collective platform for independent artists / Supported by: Municipality of Sofia, Program “Culture” 2019, ETUD Gallery, Sofia, Magazine Vij / Design by: Gjorgji Despodov.


Steam Room is formed by the desire to work to improve the conditions and environment that contribute to the development of work in the field of choreography, dance and performance at the local and international level. The project aims to open spaces for reflection and wider knowledge through artistic proposals and cultural initiatives.

Steam Room – alternative choreographic center is an artistic and cultural project within the field of choreography and dance. The project is lead and guided by Aleksandar Georgiev (MK/BG), Zhana Pencheva (BG) and Darío Barreto Damas (SP), three choreographers/dancers that actively operate locally and internationally.

The center is formed out of the wish to facilitate conditions and environments that contribute to the development of the work in the field of choreography and dance in Sofia (BG), with an intrinsic international vision. The project aims to open spaces for reflection and wider field knowledge through artistic proposals and cultural initiatives.

Steam Room main interests and directives:

  • The exploration of practices and methods of collective authorship, post-production policies and queer, inclusive and divergent approaches though artistic work.
  • The development and nurture of professional audience through: the exchange of artistic practices, professional dance and choreographic training and the work on articulation and formulation of artistic and cultural language following analytical and critical approaches.
  • The exploration of and engagement to alternative institutional structures.
  • The creation of non- formal networks for expending and sharing choreographic and dance bodies/devices.

These interests and directives are approached through initiatives focused on research rather than education. HOT is one of them.

Steam Room is run by GARAGE Collective, a platform for independent artists. GARAGE is our current administrative and production body.

Steam Room is focused on the folowing localities, Sofia and Burgas, Bulgaria; Skopje, Macedonia; Stockholm, Sweden and Tenerife, Spain. How do we approach this? Being part of several localities as one co-existing organism, rather than supporting co-existing localities functioning with one single structural body.

Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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