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You have just arrived in the Bulgarian capital for a few days or to start a new life here. Also, you are a tennis lover and you would quickly like to find a club where to play. Here are our recommendations of the best clubs where to play tennis in a great and friendly atmosphere.

History – Playing tennis arrived in Bulgaria in 1896. The new aristocratic game of the time was imported and practiced by foreigners diplomats, and then by the Bulgarian elite. In July 1911, the first purely Bulgarian tennis club in Sofia is created. And in 1934, takes place the first international tennis tournament in Bulgaria. Bulgaria has produced some very talented tennis players over the years. One of them is Grigor Dimitrov.

Find bellow the most popular tennis clubs in Sofia. All those are well located in Sofia, easily accessible by car or bus. Most of them also propose others sport activities, plus sauna, massage and restaurant.

Sportna Sofia 2000

Located near to the Sofia Mall, in Sofia Center, Sportna Sofia 2000 is one of our favorite Tennis clubs in Sofia (Cover picture). We like to play tennis there during weekend, especially in spring and summer.
The club has been recently renovated. Since, it offers 3 outdoor tennis courts, synthetic grass. You could also find : basketball and beach volleyball courts, 4 mini soccer fields, a petanque court, and a children’s play area. In winter there is also a covered ice rink. The tennis courts are well-maintained and the staff welcoming.

Address / Price : 15-18BGN 1 hour / Hours : 8.00am-10.00pm everyday

Tennis club Sofia, Bulgaria, Madame Bulgaria
@madamebulgaria – Sportna Sofia 2000

National Tennis Center

The National Tennis Center is located in the Boris Garden near the Park Hotel Moscow in Sofia. The center has 12 clay courts (in and outdoor) located in four cells on three playing fields and a central court. Located in a park, it allows the player to disconnect a little from the city, taking advantage of the clean air. Also, the experienced coaching staff is at your disposal if you want to improve your game.

Address / Hours : 7.00am-11.00pm everyday

Levski-Sofia Tennis Club

Levski Sofia Tennis Club is a public tennis establishment located in the heart of Borisova Garden, the oldest and best known park in Sofia. The club is recognized as the number one club in Bulgaria, according to the criteria of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation. It offers 8 tennis courts.

Address / Price : 20BGN 1 hour/ Hours : 7.30am-9.30pm everyday

Sofia Tennis Club

This tennis is also located in Borisova garden in Sofia, near to Levski-Sofia Tennis Club. It is new called « Sofia Tennis Club 360 ». Very famous, the tennis club is an heir to the oldest tennis club in Bulgaria, set up in the same place in 1896 by foreign diplomats and sales representatives. Here tennis champions have trained and won their biggest bulgarian victories (as Vassil Mlajov, Maria Chakarova ans others). You can join the tennis club quickly from the center by bus. The club has six red (clay) courts. And 3 of them are covered for the winter season.

Address / Price : memberships / Hours : 9.00am-10.00pm everyday (Winter : 7am-8pm)

Tennis club Sofia, Bulgaria, Madame Bulgaria
@Sofia Tennis Club

Maleeva Tennis Club

The tennis club is located in a sport complex, northwest of the Loven park in Sofia. The Club has 10 tennis courts, including 6 red clay outdoor courts. Here you can also play squash, do gym or participate to classes for yoga, kangoo jump, tae-bo, fitball, aerobics, kick box, etc. (in Bulgarian only).

Address / Price : 30-45BGN 1 hour of tennis /Hours : 7.00am-11.00pm everyday

Tennis Club Diana

Tennis Club Diana is located near Loven park (close to Borisova Garden) in Sofia. The tennis club offers 7 clay courts recently renovated, 6 indoor courts (in the winter season). In the sport complex, you might also enjoy an indoor swimming pool, gym space, sauna area, massages facilities.

Address / Price : 15-32BGN 1 hour /Hours : 9.00am-8.00pm everyday

Madame Bulgaria
@Tennis Club Diana

September 2006

The tennis club “September 2006” is located in the territory of the sports complex “Septemvri” in the Krasna Polyana neighborhood. This small family club has a good reputation.

Address / Hours : 8.00am-9.00pm everyday

MG Tennis Club

The MG Tennis club is located in the center of Sofia, in Vladimir Zaimov Park, near to the Cathedral Saint Aleksandar Nevski. This club is the newest and also the most design and chic. The place offers a high quality sports facility. Here, you have choice between 3 indoor vinyl-coated courts and 2 outdoor red-chamotte tennis courts. There is here an Italian restaurant to restaure after playing.

Address / Hours : 8.00am-10.00pm everyday

Madame Bulgaria
@MG Tennis Club

Then, if you also are searching a tennis partner in Sofia, you can also try this.

Picture : from @madamebulgaria, outdoor tennis party with friends at Sportna Sofia 2000 in Sofia.

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