Bulgaria is definitely a great place to eat well !

Bulgarian people can be pride of their cuisine because it’s very delicious (good thing → so many dishes are not fattening ;-)). Bulgaria is definitely the best place to have a healthy food if you want without privation. 

The ingredients are fresh and cooked in a traditional manner.

As accommodations, you can find in Sofia all kinds of restaurants and at different prices. But, generally, if you want to eat something more local, as a Guvetche or mischmach, you can eat very well for 5 euros only (approximately 10 BGN), beer or red wine included.

You can also eat a hamburger for about 4 euros (I love hamburgers and I will share with you very soon all the nice places in Sofia where you can spend good time while eating very delicious hamburgers).

So, there are a lot of street pavilions where you can buy a döner, a very delicious Turkish sandwich with chicken, vegetables and sauces, for 2 euros (4 BGN). There are also many places where you can buy a slice of pizza for just 1 euro (2 BGN) or sometimes even less.

Sure, I will share with you very soon on this blog some places you need to know for the best moments in restaurants in Bulgaria 😉

Tips are accepted and expected in restaurants. You can leave around 10% of the bill, but for a small bill, if you just round up 1-2 leva above the exact amount of the bill, it will be also fine.

In restaurants, the tip is around 10-15 % of the bill and it’s very important for the restaurant’s employees because it is an important part of their salary.