Antistatic Festival 2018 Declared “State Of Emergency”

Antistatic festival sofia 2018

From April 20th to 30th Antistatic Festival, the International Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance declares a “State of Emergency” in Sofia, 11th degree. What more about this artistic event you have not to miss.

Antistatic Festival is one of the most persistent festivals for contemporary dance and performance in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Festival was founded in 2008 by three artists – Iva Sveshtarova, Willy Prager and Stephan A. Shtereff – « to promote and develop contemporary dance in Bulgarian and in the Balkan region and to make it one of the vital dance centers in Europe ». Antistatic festival comes back this year with an 11th edition, declared “state of emergency”.

Antistatic festival sofia 2018

« The definition of “state of emergency” imposed by the world we live in is threat, fear, terrorism and control. But in Antistatic’s dimension the norms imposed upon ourselves immediately cease to apply. For us “state of emergency” means that we are building a territory where we displace the rules and free more space for contemporary art », Antistatic Festival said.

Like us, if you do not want to miss anything of this Antistatic program which definitely promises to be unique, you will find here all the 5 main performances that will take place during the Antistatic Festival 2018, the next April, from 20th to 30th, at 7:30pm. The tickets for all shows are already in sale :


Antistatic Festival also earmarks a new space to enable the happening of Bulgarian Dance Platform, the first one for the festival. Thus, “keep calm and dance on” ! It will be a romantic and demilitarizing state of emergency that we will follow trough future new articles about.

More : / / Facebook page / Date : 20th to 30th April /  Tickets 

Cover picture : Joïg Bauman

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