Venetsa Cave, in the heart of the rock

During our week-end at Belogradchik (read my article about it, here), we discovered a very beautiful natural attraction, the Venetsa Cave. This cave is open for the visitors only since June 2015 and the foreigners paper guides don’t mention it. I speak about it in my article.


Venetsa Cave, Belogradchik

To tell the truth, we discovered the Venetsa Cave by mistake. Big one, because we confused the North with the South….Basically, we wanted to visit the most famous cave in the region and probably in Bulgaria, the Magura Cave, located 25 km northwestern of Belogradchik. But we have taken the wrong direction, drove to the south instead of the North…. Arrived at an intersection located 20 km from Belogradchik, we saw a sign indicating the presence of a cave at 8 km . We said  » Why not ! « . This is how we discovered a new cave in Bulgaria. 

The Venetsa Cave is located in Kraishte locality, about 3 km away by Oreshets village (after 1 km ground path in a clearing) and 13,5 km Eastern Belogradchik, Northwestern Bulgaria in the province of Vidin. Currently, this cave is known mainly by Bulgarian people. It was discovered in 1970, during the blasting a quarry. It’s definitely one of the most unique and beautiful cave in Bulgaria.

This place was declared a natural monument because of its exceptional beautiful colored kaltsidni formations and ice crystals which look like flowers, figures, animals and lot of different things that it is possible to imagine. Colored formations are explained by scientists by the absence of oxygen, wherein water crystallised, and the various colors derived from the diversity of clay and rocks.

Inside the cave, there are corridors with a length of 200 meters and 5 falls. So, we can say that we were just in the heart of the rock. The cave is organised with walkways, laders and metallic bridges. There are hiking trails above the cave formations in order for the tourists to be able to see rocks from the nearest point possible. There is an artistic lighting, which further improves the effect and beauty of colourful formation. The temperature in it is a constant 12 degrees Centigrade, year-round. It is most visited during the summer months and it’s better to wear a sweater because it is very cold. You have to wear a helmet as on construction sites (lent by the place) to protect you from the rock during your visit.

Definitely a place to visit.More information about Venetsa Cave, Belogradchik

Entrance prices (2016) : Adult : 4,80 BGN (2,40 €) – Senior : 3,60 BGN (1,70€) – Student : 2,40 BGN (1,20 €) – the guide : +6 BGN for the all group (3 €).

Duration of visit : 45/60 minutes

Opening time : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Phone : +359 (0)884 57 2372

Facebook page : venetsa

More : don’t forget to bring a sweater with you that will protect you from the cold – Clean wipes are available to clean your helmet before/after use – The tour starts only when there are at least 8 people ready to go so if you are less than 8, you will have to wait a little bit to start the tour (nb. there is always people arriving) – Visit made by a Bulgarian speaker guide only but it is not a real problem if you don’t understand.

More pictures about Venetsa Cave, Belogradchik

Venetsa Cave, BelogradchikVenetsa Cave, BelogradchikVenetsa Cave, BelogradchikVenetsa Cave, BelogradchikVenetsa Cave, BelogradchikVenetsa Cave, BelogradchikVenetsa Cave, BelogradchikVenetsa Cave, BelogradchikVenetsa Cave, Belogradchik

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