Chateau Medovo, Winery And Resort In Burgas Area

Chateau Medovo Burgas

Hidden in the mountain, only 12 km west of the famous Bulgarian summer resort of Sunny Beach and 22 km north of Burgas, on the Black Sea coast, Chateau Medovo is an ethnographic touristic complex built in a very authentic Bulgarian style to discover.

Chateau Medovo is definitely a place to visit while a travel in Burgas, on the Bulgarian Black sea. It is the perfect relaxation spot if you want to enjoy a glass of delicious Bulgarian wine, a gourmet dish, and unique folklore spectacles in a local and traditional atmosphere.

Owners of a famous wine company built it with a nostalgic of a slow living in the past. Chateau Medovo includes a wine cellar, a comfortable hotel and a restaurant on 9000 m2.

Chateau Medovo
@Jennyivanova, Chateau Medovo Burgas – Bulgaria

The winery has a capacity of 400,000 bottles of white and red wines per year. The place proposes degustations with more than 100 people every day during the summer season. Here you will have the opportunity to be trained on ancient Bulgarian craft skills, as well as to familiarize yourself with the process of winemaking and aging wines in barrels and bottles. A shop from when you can buy some a very good wine or brandy to bring with you.

Chateau Medovo Burgas
@Jennyivanova, Chateau Medovo Burgas – Bulgaria

There are also some craft workshops, which unfortunately were not working the time I was there, and where you can try create your own masterpiece or just watching the artisans. Pottery, weaving, leather crafting, sugar treats crafting… sound really interesting to see.

The hotel part featured apartments and houses. As a owner of a small business, I was so impressed all the furniture are from a Bulgarian makers. Simple comfort in a dark brown wood, light stone and natural colours.

Chateau Medovo Burgas
@Jennyivanova, Chateau Medovo Burgas – Bulgaria

At Chateau Madovo, there is also a conference hall for the working ones and a little church for weddings. Do not wait anymore to discover this unique place in Burgas area.

Chateau Medovo Burgas - Bulgaria
@Chateau Medovo Burgas – Bulgaria

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Jenny Ivanova


Jenny is a passionate artist and the Founder of Nuage Home, a Bulgarian brand for handcrafted home products.

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  1. Hello,
    my name is Stephanie Köhler. We were with you in summer 2017. We bought 2 goblets in the pottery wheel. Now is one broke. Can you give me the contact details of the pottery. I would like to order a new goblet.
    Many thanks
    Stephanie Koehler

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