10 Instagram Accounts To Fall In Love With Bulgaria

Instagram has become for many of us a source of inspiration for lifestyle and traveling. Here is our Top 10 Instagram accounts to follow if you want to visit Bulgaria and fall in love with our beautiful country before landing.

Very used to Instagram, we discover every time new profiles dedicated to Bulgaria. And sometime the shared photos are just amazing. Here are our 10 favorite instagram accounts on Bulgaria.


1. Sofia in Details

Sofia in Details is the Instagram account which publishs every week new pictures of Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. The pictures are usually taken by professional or amateur photographers who share a moment, a place, etc.. It’s like a new story every day.

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#sofia #bulgaria #sofiaindetails #peopleofsofia

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2. Top Bulgaria Photo

In this Instagram account, you can find all the trendiest Insta pictures took by people in Bulgaria, professional as unprofessional. It’s fresh, sexy, trendy, we love. If you want to see your best pics about Bulgaria shared on this instagram wall, you just need to tag them to be featured #topbulgariaphoto.

3. Andrey Andreev Photography

As one of the most Bulgarian bloggers and travel photographers, the pictures shared by Andrey Andreev on his Instagram account show Bulgaria without retouch, as it really is, nature, welcoming, festive, sincere and really beautiful.

4. Love Plovdiv 

« Love Plovdiv » is an Instagram account about Plovdiv, the European Capital of Culture 2019, the oldest living city in Europe and definitely the coolest city in Europe for us. This Instagram account is for us the most attractive one about the city of Plovdiv.

5. Vladislav Terziiski

Filmmaker, drone pilot and photographer, Vladislav has definitely one of these Instagram accounts to follow if you want to fall in love to Bulgaria in only… 2 seconds (no more). His pictures are just amazing ! Just take a look.

6. People Of Sofia 

The Instagram account « People Of Sofia » will give you a smile, a big friendly and emotive smile. What’s about ? photographs of people and moments in Sofia, sometime so cute. To know more.

7. Mihail Mihaylov 

Shooting with the best material, Mihail likes to take pictures from nightfall until the early morning. Behind each photo is often a little story, an inspiration. It is true that the roofs of Sofia offer beautiful prospects. The proof here.

8. My Borovets

Lover of good snow, skiing and mountains ? « My Borovets » is the official Instagram profile of the Borovets ski resort, Borovets bike park and Borovets climbing and mountaineering. Ready to be addicted ? The landscapes are just incredible.

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Two more days and we open☀️❄️🎿🏂

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9. vtindetail

« Veliko Tarnavo In Detail » is an Instagram account offering photostories from the old capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo, an historical and architectorical city located at 220 km from Sofia. Probably the most attractive one. Other suggestions ?

10. Visit Varna 

If you want to see nice amateur pictures about Varna and its surroundings (Balchik on the picture below), « Visit Varna » is the Instagram to follow. If you want to be shared on this account, use the #visitvarna in your photos. Enjoy !

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Все таки хорошо, что я пока недоблоггер и на инстаграме не зарабатываю 🙂 Почему? Ну вот бывает, что нет вдохновения, посты не пишутся, фотки не получаются, и даже ленту листать не хочется 😨 Так я взяла и просто отдохнула от инстаграма на недельку 😉 Просто не заходила в него. И мир от этого не рухнул. ⠀ Для меня фотоблог в инстаграме просто одно из хобби, могу копать, могу не копать 😃 А те, кто превратил это хобби в работу, уже не могут себе позволить например просто смотреть на закат, не снимая в этот момент сторис и не выходя в прямой эфир. ⠀ Слышали же это "выбери работу по душе и тебе не придется работать ни одного дня в жизни"? Чушь собачья! Прелеть любой, даже самой классной деятельности для души в том, что в любой момент ее можно не делать 😃 А работу нельзя 😒 ⠀ Вы то сами что на этот счет думаете? 📸: @random_string

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If you want more, the Madame Bulgaria Instagram account is also one of the most attractive ones 😉

Cover picture : @Nickey Kolev

Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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