Sylvie Vartan’s Farewells To Bulgarian Fans With 2 Concerts In April

Sylvie Vartan Bulgaria 2018

Sylvie Vartan, one of the icons of the French popular song of the 60s and the most famous Bulgarian singer, will say goodbye to her Bulgarian fans in her farewells tour « Forever Sylvie », in Varna and Sofia, on next April 19 and 21th.

Sylvie Vartan will soon return in Bulgaria as part of a Farewell tour « Forever Sylvie » to her Bulgarian fans. One of the granddams of French music and the most successful world stars of Bulgarian origin, Sylvie Vartan will perform two special concerts with which she will say goodbye to the Bulgarian audience – on April 19th, 2018, in Varna, in the Palace of Culture and Sports, and on April 21th in Sofia in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture of Sofia, the organizers announced.


Sylvie Vartan was born on 1944 in Iskretz, Province of Sofia in Bulgaria. Shortly after his birth, the family home is requisitioned by the Soviet army. His parents, Georges Vartan and Ilona Mayer, take refuge in Sofia, the capital. She has an older brother, Edmond (Eddie), born in 1937. At the age of 6, Sylvie Vartan met the world of the show by taking a small role in a film of a friend of the family. But life in Bulgaria is increasingly difficult and forced the family to go into exile in Paris in the early 50s.

Ten year later, through her brother, became a famous composer and bandmaster, Sylvie made her Olympia debut in 1961 and became a 1960’s icon. Will follow an incredible musical career with more than 60 albums in France and aboard, including many great successes (The most beautiful to go to dance, La Maritza, I have a problem, Love is like a cigarette, It is fatal, Blue sun …).

Her love for the legendary Johnny Holiday is memorable, and although their marriage ends after 15 years, they will long remain the French « golden couple ».

Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday
French singer Sylvie Vartan and husband French actor Johnny Hallyday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Photo by Alain Dejean/Sygma via Getty Images)

In 1990, she made a moving return to her homeland and gave a concert in Sofia in front of a conquered Bulgarian audience. This confrontation with the long-awaited native country, finally made possible by the political changes that took place in the Eastern bloc at the beginning of the 1990s, was for Sylvie Vartan the opportunity to discover the state of disrepair of Bulgaria and the destitution of the population after decades of communist management.

Upset, she decides to create with the help of her brother Eddie the association « Sylvie Vartan for Bulgaria » with the main objective is to help forgotten children.

Sylvie Vartan
@Association Sylvie Vartan for Bulgaria (official Facebook page)

Since the association’s inception, Sylvie has been going to Bulgaria regularly to check on the spot that everything is going well. She even adopted with her husband the American producer Tony Scotti, a Bulgarian children, 20 years ago, Darina (in Bulgaria, « Gift of God »), then 7 months old.

Passé un super anniversaire ❤️❤️ Demain en route pour Paris!

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Before coming to Bulgaria, Sylvie Vartan will perform for the first time in the legendary Grand Rex Hall in Paris the next March, 16th, 2018. On her official facebook page you can read « I always remembered my childhood fascination for this room with starry ceiling and dreamed of playing there ». A part of the musical show will be dedicated to his homage to Johnny Halliday and their story.

She will be in Varna, on next April 19 and Sofia on April 21th. In Varna, the farewell concert will be held in the Palace of Culture and Sports at 8:00pm. Event organizers offer all current members of the Varna French Alliance a 5% discount on all types of fares. Sylvie Vartan’s admirers will have the opportunity to meet her during an organized meeting. More here. The lovely opportunity for her Bulgarian fan to say her a last goodbye.

Get your ticket and enjoy the show.


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  1. Hello Marie !

    I already have my ticket for the concert in Sofia , I will come from France especially to see Sylvie. But I wonder in which hotel of Sofia Sylvie Vartan will stay… I would love to get a room in the same hotel to have a chance to see her… If you have some information about it I would be soooo pleased

    Thanks you and have a pleasant evening.


    1. Hi Isabel 🙂 The hotel where she will stay is a secret for everybody here, good luck if you find ! For a star like her, the Sense Hotel, the Serdica Arena Hotel, Radisson, Grand Hotel or even Sofia Hotel Balkan would be the best choices. Have a nice moment in Bulgaria, Marie

      1. Thank you so much for your answer… I finally choose the Hilton Hotel, which is the nearest place to the Palace of culture. I also found a ticket at the front row , feel soooo happy 🙂 And I keep my fingers crossed, with a bit of luck I’ll have a chance to meet her 🙂
        Can’t wait to be in Sofia !!!!
        Thank you very much Marie and have a nice day !

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