Antistatic International Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance

Antistatic Festival Sofia

The 10th, Romantic edition of the International festival for contemporary dance and performance, Antistatic, will take place in Sofia from the 12th to the 20th May. We tell you more about this highly artistic event you have not to miss. 

Antistatic is the first festival for contemporary dance and performance in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is established in 2008 by artistic organizations and individuals, as the first festival in Sofia with this profile. It was initiated in the context of the efforts of the Balkan network for contemporary dance Nomad Dance Academy to promote and to develop this art form in the Balkan region and to make it one of the vital dance centers in Europe. In the course of the years, ANTISTATIC Festival has established itself as a platform for new forms and practices in dance and performance and till now it has presented groundbreaking works by both emerging and acknowledged international artists such as Christine De Smedt, deufert&plischke, Ester Salamon, Antonia Baehr, Ivo Dimchev, An Kaler, Sergio Matis, Eduard Gabia, Galina Borissova a.o.



This year, the festival will take place in Sofia from the 12th to the 20th May. At first glance, there is not much in common between romance and contemporary art. However, in our world, where even the intimate relationships are often looked upon as material goods, and violence is part of everyday life, the rules of the game are reversed. Contemporary art is quick to detect these changes and is eager to comment on them. What “Antistatic” finds romantic is that it has been present for 10 years now and remains in a devoted, monogamous relationship with the contemporary dance and performance, despite the difficulties and underwater currents. This is why in 2017 it takes a step in this direction and offers an emotionally-electrifying program for the body, the mind and the heart.


Antistatic Festival Sofia


7 performances by dance artists from Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Israel, Japan and France too with Kevin Jean a french choreographer and performer. He has authored choreographic pieces and performances on the construction of environments, the consequences they has on us, our behaviors and social interactions. How they shape us, distort us, how we can accept them, play with them, discover and transform ourselves.



For this new edition, Kevin Jean will present you Des Paradis created in 2015, the 16th May at 7:30 (NDK, Space for contemporary Dance and Performance). The dance trio “Des Paradis” reaches to unusual and hypnotic movement of the body. It as if flows in the delay, deferment and exploration of the influence of gravitation and weight, creating another time and space. The performers discover freedom of movement, which transforms the environment and offers another kind of interaction, adaption and change. How could anyone create space and territory and transform them into a paradise ? Des Paradis is about returning  to the earth and creating worlds for mutual collaboration and sharing. About dreams and a touch of hope. A piece about the existence of the “heavenly”, and our power to create it within our earthly lives. More about this performance here through 4 questions to Kevin Jean. More about the person of Kevin Jean in FrenchTo check the main program of this very artistic week in Sofia, here


Antistatic Festival Sofia


Last but not the least, The « Antistatic » festival will offer also a rich additional program, that includes lecture, workshops, parties as an Antistatic Party free entrance with the Dj Violeta Kachakova (more here). About the workshops and seminars, one with Kevin Jean, Some Other Paradises (13-15 May). During the 3-days workshop, the participants will plunge into daily experimentation and research connected to Kevin Jean’s performance Des Paradis (More about here). To discover all the workshops and seminars, here. Definitely a festival not to miss in May. 

More : / / Facebook page / Date : 12th to 20th May / Duration : 60 minutes /  Tickets : 10-8 BGN (5€-4€) one hour before the show at the relevant festival venueFestival ticket : 42 BGN (21€) for all shows in the programme




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