Top 6 Eco Villages To Have A Rest In Bulgaria

Eco village Bulgaria

Full of resources, Bulgaria offers different ways to spend holidays to those who browse it. Do you know one of them, the eco-villages? We present you our 6 favorite places in Bulgaria.

First of all, and this is probably the first question you ask yourself: what exactly are the eco villages? We have to admit, we asked the same question. As the name suggests, we have « eco » for ecology, and « village », a place gathering a certain number of individuals, but not too many, in order to keep a real human and convivial dimension.

These people live as close as possible of nature, in the most autonomous way possible, producing its food, its energy, etc. Forget your car, your phone, your TV or your daily stress. Discover without waiting the place of your next holidays, in the heart of nature. Here are the 5 most « eco village » spots in Bulgaria.

Omaya Eco Village

Eco village Omaya, Bulgaria - Madame Bulgaria
Eco Village Omaya

Located in the small town of Hadzhidimovo, in the south-western Bulgaria, the eco-village Omaya is located on a large stretch of land where you will find 2 natural lakes and an outdoor pool. The accommodations are all individually designed and constructed of wood, clay or stone.

The Omaya Eco Village’s restaurant uses organic products and serves freshly caught fish locally. Here, you will find peace, rest and connection with nature.

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Debeli Dab Eco Village

Debeli Dab Eco Village Bulgaria - Madame Bulgaria
Debeli Dab Eco Village

Debeli Dab Eco Village takes place in the village of Stara Kresna at the foot of the Pirin Mountains. It offers its guests all the facilities necessary for complete rest and relaxation. In the area, you can enjoy some activities as rafting, kayaking and climbing. The terrace reveals a unique view of the Pirin Mountains.

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Azareiya eco village Bulgaria - Madame Bulgaria
Eco Village Azareiya

Located in the center of Stara planina mountain close to Troyan, Chiflika and Shipokovo, places with termal springs, Azareiya is an eco village offering six wooden small houses open for its guests all seasons. Entrances of the houses are toward South and the beautiful mountain scenery.

Here the newest building technologies are combined with scientifically proven theories for ecological and healthy lifestyle. The owners created the houses in which there is energy potential for good health.

One of the particularity of this eco village is that it is a place without cigarette smoke. So, if you are looking for making a real break, it is probably a place for you.

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Sinia Vir

Eco village Sinia vir Bulgaria - Madame Bulgaria
Eco village « Sinia vir »

Surrounded by nature, in the middle of picturesque woods and thin beeches, the eco village « Sinia Vir » is located at 1 km from Sinia Vir Waterfall and Medven Village in the region of Sliven.

This authentic place offers all the comfort, tranquility and rest necessary for rest and relaxation, stress and tension of modern life. Here you can also enjoy an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant and a terrace with mountain views. The historic village of Jeravna is 5 km away.

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Eco Village Lesten

Eco Village Lesten, Bulgaria - Madame Bulgaria
Eco Village Lesten

Eco Village Leshten is one of the most authentic rural villages in Bulgaria, located in South-West Bulgaria, high in the Pirin mountain.

If you are looking for a change of scenery, a peaceful retreat a few days, the eco-village Lesten is surely the ideal place. Here you will enjoy a total calm and homemade meals, and feel the real spirit of Bulgaria.

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Clay House Eco Village

Clay House eco village Bulgaria
Clay House Eco Village

Located in the village of Ilindentsi, in the South Western of Bulgaria, at 150 km away from Sofia, the region is known for its red wine production. The Eco Village « UNDER THE CLIFFS » offers six houses were all built on a forgotten traditional construction method used by house builders in the 19th century.  

Only environmentally friendly local materials such as stone, wood, clay and straw were used for the construction. This eco village also has a covered barbecue area for about 30 people, clay oven, charcoal grill and brick oven. The combination of nice climate and ecological way of life will make your stay enjoyable and unforgettable.

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Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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