Yesterday, I made a big step and started learning Bulgarian with Suggestopedia

Yes, you read it well, yesterday, I started to learn Bulgarian through the method of Suggestopediaoffered in Sofia by the school “GoBeyond Suggestopedia Center”. It is an unique Bulgarian method of communication on the reserves of human mind created by Prof. Dr. George Lozanov. Follow me in my new adventure to start learning Bulgarian.

Thanks to the suggestopedia method, participants will be introduced to more than 2,500 words – most commonly used in the daily life in an easy and calm atmosphere with music, role play, art, and tender love for the human being. To know more about the method, you can click here or visit their facebook page here. To know more about the Bulgarian course of Violeta Kalapova, click here. But not only. In fact, you can also learn or improve the French, German and English languages there with other very nice teachers.


So, I decided to start a suite of articles about this adventure because this really is an adventure ! For those who do not know me, let me tell you that I do not speak one word of Bulgarian but I think it is necessary when you decide to live in a country and that, you love this country, to start learning the language. I give some private lessons in French to two of my friends, Radi and Tanya, because they decided to start learning French for the love of this language and I considered that the minimum I could do was also to start learning Bulgarian which is the official language of this lovely country where my husband and I decided to settle.

Despite, we were in Sofia very often for long periods from July 2014, we only decided to establish here permanently from last January and I believe it was time for me to start speaking Bulgarian. Of course, Bulgarian is very hard and I do not expect to speak it one day like my native language, French, but I really want to be able to start to communicate with people in their native language.


The all story started when Violeta, from GoBeyond Suggestopedia Center, contacted me to tell me that she is teaching Bulgarian with a unique method and that she would be glad to have me among the participants. After meeting with her and listening to the way it was going to happen, I decided to enroll in the “course” and give it a try. I really liked the way she described the method and I believe that the fact that it is totally different from “traditional courses”, it will be much easier to free all the potential of the brain to learn fast. My husband, Alexandre, who already speaks Bulgarian not too bad, will also follow the same course as the suggestopedia method is adapted to all levels. I think that this will be a very interesting experiment to see how he and I will improve in the coming weeks despite we do not start from the same level.


In order to allow you to follow this adventure, I will publish an article on this blog every week-end and we will share with you our feelings and our activities of the week. I will also share a short video summarizing the most powerful moments of the week (because I’m sure there will be outstanding moments). Yet, yesterday, we already had a lot of fun for the first class. I have to confess that having 12-15 hours of class every week, in the evening, after work was a bit scary at the beginning. But now that I went to the first class yesterday and I saw how it was happening, I feel really confident and I can’t wait to be already going back tonight. I’ve never been so excited about going to class !


So, let’s the fun start and I invite you to visit the blog at the end of the week to see how was our first week of Bulgarian course with the suggestopedia method.

SuggestopediaSuggestopediaSuggestopediaSuggestopediaSuggestopedia Method

Marie Pietrzak

Founder & Editorial Director

Marie is the founder of Madame Bulgaria. She fell in love with Bulgaria when she came for the first time for a weekend in 2012.

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