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Metta is a unique space everybody should visit in case he wants to get away from the daily stress, reconnect with himself and feel mentally and physically whole again. I tell you more about my moment here and my meeting with its founder Yoana Mitova.

My desire of getting out of the ordinary way, practicing letting go and making room for the unexpected and mysterious took me to this fascinating place. At Metta I met its founder – Yoana Mitova, an entrepreneur who received the award and recognition in the ranking “40 under 40” in 2016, organized by Darik Radio. Here below you can read my interview with her :

How did the idea for Metta appear ?

The idea of Metta came gradually, in the process of a free flow. I have no idea where the beginning and end of it are. I think the main trigger was my own downfall from a classic burn out.

What is Metta ?

Metta is a space to rest, to explore, to try out meditation techniques and very soon, to float. We have two salt rooms, small event space, massage room, a bar and a floatation tank.

Metta Space Sofia©Mettaspace

Who is it suitable for ?

Metta is suitable for modern people that are searching. They can be searching for peace of mind, for an answer to a question, for an alternative solution to a health problem… or just for a different space to expand their vision of what’s possible.

How do you manage to change the world around you through this project ?

I started this project with my own self in mind. I realized at one point that I can’t change anything but my own simple self. And that’s the only way I can change anything around me, by example. It sounds banal, intellectually true, but there is a very experiential truth to it that you find once you hit rock bottom.

Metta Space Sofia©Mettaspace

What kind of lessons have you learnt in this creative process of building Metta ?

I learned to let go and not push myself for a solution when I don’t feel it. I learned to let myself trust the process and trust that the right idea and solution will come to me if I am calm and have good intentions. I think that’s the hardest part always, to trust that all will be ok at the end if you let it flow with ease.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business ?

The most satisfying moments are always when I see the difference in the pace and energy in people coming in from the front door and the way they come out after an hour here. There is a possibility to slow down and breathe.

What are you personally doing to get away from daily stress ?

I practice vipassana, much less than I wish, but with time different meditation techniques become very useful habits and it’s like a trained muscle – at some point you realize that it is much easier to control your emotions, be able to observe with neutrality and not give a damn sometimes. By the way, not giving a damn from time to time is very healthy….

Metta Space Sofia©Mettaspace

Are you working on other entrepreneurial projects now ?

Yes, we are finishing our floatation room – a floatation tank for sensory deprivation. We are also planning the new season for events.

How have you started your own business ?

I think I always knew I’ll get to this point, just didn’t know what it would be.

In one sentence, characterize your life as an entrepreneur.

Satisfactory, hard, easy, happy, different, experience intensive, beautiful, challenging, constantly changing, full of responsibility.

What was your first business idea and what did you do with it ?

I’ be had many during the years, from sweatshirt dresses, to bakery, nothing really sticked up to now. Metta did.

How do you find inspiration ?

It finds me.

Metta Space Sofia©Mettaspace, the team 

What 3 books would you recommend that every entrepreneur read ?

It doesn’t matter what you read or see or hear, it only matters if you want to put that intellectual knowledge under the test of experience and real life.

What it feels like being part of the ranking “40 under 40” in 2016 ?

It’s fun, it’s a proud moment, even though I don’t think success is really a constant. Today you are at the top, tomorrow you struggle. I think that’s the normal process of learning in this life on Earth.

If you want to be truly touched by this piece of peace – Metta as I was, do not hesitate to visit it at Cherni Vrah Boulevard N 47, Business Center Vitosha, floor 1 – Opening hours : Mon : 2:00-9:00pm; Tue-Sat : 10:00am-9:00pm) – Phone : +359 88 400 8796 – Mail : – – Facebook page

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