Bistro Bonjour, French Burgers Restaurant In Varna

Bistro Bonjour Varna

Located one street from the main pedestrian avenue of Varna « Boulevard Knyaz Boris I », in the heart of city, Bistro Bonjour is a unique place of its kind and one of the most friendly restaurants in the maritime capital.

Update July 2018 : Closed

Opened in 2016, Bistro Bonjour restaurant is run by a French guy, Jérémie, coming from Montdidier, a city 1 hour from Paris, the same one that saw the birth of Antoine Auguste Parmentier, the « inventor » of the potato. This French doctor was in 1771 the first to promote the use of potatoes in the human diet – without him, French fries would not exist. In his previous life, Jeremie was content writer for a local newspaper. Dreaming of a new start, he decided last year to take a one-way trip to Varna in Bulgaria. The idea of opening a restaurant in Varna appeared when he arrived in the city where he feels good. Since then, the place is a landmark of French or Bulgarian in search of authenticity. The excellent service is more than friendly. Here, there is a soul. We feel good.

Bistro Bonjour
@MadameBulgaria – Bistro Bonjour Varna

The place offers a menu with lot of Burgers. « Burgers ? for a French place ? » Who said that the French were not allowed to offer burgers on the menu ? Jeremie burgers are really special because in each of them there is a French product. The Burgers with roquefort or camembert, 2 french cheeses, are so amazing. Also on the menu – in French « Boulettes sauce Provençale », « Poulet à la dijonnaise », « Filet de porc à la Orlov », etc. which are typical French dishes. And when Jérémie prepares your burger, you should be in the kitchen just to see the cheese melt on the grill. Vegetarians are also welcome with the vegetarian burgers or salads.

Bistro Bonjour
@MadameBulgaria, Bistro Bonjour Varna

The boss is committed to serving fresh and quality international cuisine. All the gourmet burgers are made with quality meat, cheese and bread, and the potatoes are cut daily by Jérémie for authentic and tasty fries, all with an inimitable French touch. With a glass of French wine, it works very well. Do not wait anymore to discover the Bistro Bonjour in Varna.

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Bistro Bonjour

Bistro Bonjour

Bistro Bonjour

Bistro Bonjour

Bistro Bonjour

Bistro Bonjour

Bistro Bonjour

Bistro Bonjour

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  1. depuis quand un burgers fait il partie de la cuisine Française ??? le jour ou il fera du cassoulet, riz de veau ou même un bon steak frites ou pommes de terres sautées ou bien même et tout simplement un bon hachis parmentier, alors là, je le considérai comme un bistro ressemblant à ceux que l’on trouve en France
    Au plaisir

    1. Bonjour Maurice,

      Où avons nous écrit que le burger faisait partie de la cuisine française 😉 ?! Jérémie est un français installé à Varna et qui fait des burgers avec une touche française, mais pas que. Si vous n’y êtes jamais allé, faites y un saut à l’occasion. Au plaisir.

  2. I don’t see anywhere in this article where it’s written that it’s a French bistro. It’s a French guy who created a bistro in Varna and makes burgers with a French touch and also french food. I don’t think he expects to be seens as a French bistro.

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